October 3, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Greetings and Introductions

  1. Camrose Pride Website is live as of October 3, 2016
    • Minutes will be posted; first names only will be used in the minutes
    • Camrosepride.ca
  2. Will follow the altView pattern for organization of meetings
    • 2 weeks prior to the meeting, a reminder will be sent out to members by email with a call for agenda items to be submitted
    • Call for reports; allows Jen time to copy
  3. Bed Race for Open Door
    • Is the group interested in participating?
    • Construction of a bed is needed
    • Carol will contact AQUA to ask if we can be on the agenda for their next meeting; Wayne and Carol will make a presentation to AQUA on October 6
    • Contact Wayne if interested in helping with the decoration of the bed and/or being on the team (5 people needed)
    • Paige is willing to help out, but not take charge
  4. Dance Party Updates
    • 102 tickets sold; probably close to 120 were in attendance
    • Robin Bank$ was marvelous as the Drag Queen
    • Well publicized with posters
    • Community support was evident in the donations of prizes
    • No alcohol needed to have a fun party
    • Financials are available and will be posted soon
  5. Financial situation updated
    • $1300 seed money from CDSS
    • Donation from AQUA and altView for the cost of the banner
    • $573 remaining after all revenue and expenses are calculated
  6. Seniors Coalition partnership possibilities
    • Concerns about LGBTQ people who are aging have been raised
    • Is there someone in the group who would write a column about what it is like to be an LGBTQ person who is aging in Camrose? Someone is needed by January.
    • Michael Phair recently presented at a Gray Matters conference and members of the Seniors’ Coalition are interested in hosting him to come and address a gathering;
    • The consensus of the group was to explore partnership possibilities with the Seniors’ Coalition.
    • Nora Lee and Jonathan will help CPC connect with a group called Prime Timers.
  7. Parent Meeting update
    • Met on September 26; small turn out, but not reflective of the interest
    • More publicity needed; Facebook page, Camrose Morning News
    • October 18 is the next scheduled meeting at Camrose United Church
    • Goal is to have a regular meeting date for this group
    • Spread the word to any parents/family members
    • Group is being called Family and Friends Support
  8. expressOUT
    • Next scheduled meeting is on Tuesday, October 11
    • The goal is to set a regular meeting date as the third Monday of the month
  9. Website update
    • Jen will be updating the website while she is on her road trip in October
    • Paige is willing to help gather resources to be posted online
    • Gus is willing to be an emergency contact to be accessed on the website
  10. Ideas for Upcoming Events/Planning
    • Small event for early December Potluck Social
    • Contact Jen if you are willing to help plan this event
    • Begin planning in November for upcoming events in 2017; map out the next year

Parking Lot:

  • Safe Spaces in Health Care; Everyone do some research and bring ideas to next meeting



October 3rd, 2016 Agenda

Meeting Agenda

  1. Greetings
  2. Call for agenda items
  3. Introductions
  4. Website updates
  5. Minutes online
  6. Altview involvement and updates
  7. Bed Race
  8. Dance updates
  9. Financials
  10. Seniors coalition partnership
  11. Parent meeting update
  12. EspressOUT update
  13. Wrap up discussions