May 11, 2020 Regular

Date: Monday, May 11th, 2020    
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm    Place: Online
Executive Leadership:
Lucas Hill – Secretary
Candy Morningway – Treasurer
Robyn Gray – Member-at-Large
Nikki Meyer-Featherstone – AltView Liaison
Dawn M
Gus Belcourt – Co-chair 1
Zach Stevens – Co-chair 2
Stephen McKenzie-Comeau – Member-at-Large

  1. CALL TO ORDER – Lucas Hill
    1. The meeting was called to order at 6:34pm on Monday, May 11th, 2020 by Lucas Hill.
    1. We will move forward with the agenda as is, to be approved when we reach quorum.
    1. There are no changes to finances, except bank fees.
    2. Candy M. has sent RBC statement to secretary to be included with minutes.
    1. There have been a lot of changes during the COVID-19 response, but we are here to support each other.
    2. You can find free online support from the federal government at Wellness Together Canada: 
    1. June Pride Month
      1. Instead of our traditional BBQ, for Pride Month we will have a recurring online event titled Moments of Pride via Facebook on Friday evenings featuring videos from community members celebrating pride. People can send their videos to us via published YouTube link, or shareable from Google Drive links. The latest submission deadlines will be Sunday at noon of the week before. If the deadline is missed, it will be added to the next week. 
      2. CPC executive needs to have full admin capacity for the page, which Nikki will arrange. We will do preparatory work ahead of time. 
      3. Our CPC members will produce enough content that something occurs each week, in addition to general community members. We will all act as moderators.
      4. There will be no limits beyond what is allowed on Facebook. If needed, we can put content warnings or disclaimers if needed.
      5. Candy will share the basic FOIP form after editing to be agreed on by the participants when they sign up. 
      6. Moments of Pride Guidelines
        1. What is your story? What is pride to you? What influenced you? What created passion for you? How does your queerness show up in your life? 
        2. All types of expression of welcome! 
        3. Allys welcome to show their allyship!
        4. In supporting inclusivity, including sensory disabilities, Nikki will look into the possibility of auto-generated closed captioning on Facebook, which we will encourage people to use. In addition, to support screen reader use, submitters should include a short summary to describe content and contextualize intention.
        5. Participants should be cognizant of copyright. 
      7. Partnership possibilities:
        1. AltView will support us in any ways that they can.
        2. Wetaskawin Pride Community will be invited as well. Nikki will contact.
        3. Strathmore Pride Community will be invited as well. Nikki will contact. 
        4. Alberta Storytellers will be invited after we have the promotional material is ready. Nikki will share our promotions with Freya.
        5. If you know of further communities that would be a good connection, please do let them know.
        6. Lucas will contact the MHCW about possible inclusion with the QSAs/GSAs in the community. 
      8. Promotional Work:.
        1. Lucas will do a write up for May 15th that will be shared with CPC executive to be start promotion as soon as possible.
        2. Nikki will create a graphic for the promotion.
        3. Candy will share the FOIP form that will be included in promotion.  
        4. Social Media:
          1. Facebook
          2. Instagram
    1. Nikki will follow up with Zach about potential future moves.
    1. Candy has been working on the capacity grant (not a project based grant). The grant can focus on all stages of becoming and expanding capacity of an organization, including with boards, staff, and more. Candy has consulted a lot with Nikki. This grant is specifically for queer communities as well. 
    2. Candy has been looking at our Strategic Planning documents to contextualize the grant application. 
    3. The grant is due this week, which we could receive funding as early as October, 2020 to March, 2022.
    4. Candy has identified our events as community engagement as core capacity building, by learning what our community needs and how we can best support it. 
    5. Nikki has been identified as the Community Liaison Coordinator, as her contract with AltView is done June 15th. 
    6. We could have funding for events, Nikki’s continued work with CPC, training for board members, educating and sticker campaigns, and more! 
    1. Lucas has created a Google Form that can be shared out with our General Membership for input into our Missions, Visions, Value Statements. It can be viewed and shared at:
      2. Lucas will complete with edits by June to be included with Pride Month events.
    1. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      1. Monday, June 8th, 2020 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm Online
    2. EspressOUT
      1. Monday, May 25th, 2020 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm Online
    3. Friends and Family Meeting
      1. Summer Break – Restarting in October
    1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:07pm.

April 8 Meeting Agenda

Camrose Pride Community
April 8, 2019 Meeting Agenda
6-8 pm
Camrose Public Library in the Bunker

  1. Introductions
  2. Leadership Team Positions open:
    • Need Position descriptions so we can advertise to the community what/who we are looking for
      • Secretary – position description?
      • Treasurer – position description?
        • Bank Account – Margaret H. is willing to continue being the banker for CPC through CDSS for the current time and work with a new Treasurer – would be best for CPC to open its own bank account before end of 2019
    • Any other positions that are needed for when CPC gets its Society designation? Leadership Team will become the Volunteer Board of Directors
      • Nikki, as a paid employee of the altView Foundation is to support the Leadership Team/Board, but cannot be actually on said Team/Board
  3. Banker, Margaret H. away from May 27 to July 7th, which puts the funds for the BBQ and any preparing for the parade float during that time, out of reach. How will we navigate this?
    • Nikki, in her altView role, is willing to keep a CPC petty cash during this time, if that is something the Leadership Team feels is the right way forward
    • Any other ideas?
  4. Financial Report – Margaret H.
  5. Update on Society status – Gus
    • Have we heard anything? Should we contact them?
  6. Storage for CPC items
    • Where are CPC items located now?
      • Event items are where – parade float, BBQ, table-top display, etc.?
      • Nikki has possession of binders, flash drive with files from Carol, package of printing paper
      • Do we need to plan for a permanent storage solution for parade float items, BBQ items, etc.?
  7. Upcoming events and plans
    • BBQ in June
      • BBQ Date suggested by Nikki (heading Planning Committee) – June 15th (Saturday); This is the weekend after Edmonton Pride week, so flows well, and won’t be in competition with their events for our members who want to attend
      • Is there a favoured location to host the BBQ this year?
      • Need members to join the Planning Committee
      • Do we have a budget for this? Last year’s BBQ cost $556
    • Big Valley Jamboree Parade in August –  
      • Planning committee headed by Amielle – any news?
      • Do we have a budget for this? Do we know what we spent last year?
  8. Discussion of Symposium – Melissa W. – What went well, what lessons and feedback
  9. Discussion of All Ages and Stages Dance and Cabaret – what went well, lessons learned, feedback – what should we do differently for future fundraisers?
  10. Upcoming Regular Meetings:
    • espressOUT on April 29th, 5:30-7:00 p.m. Where should we hold espressOUT in April? The Forum? Off campus in a coffee shop? Where?
    • Friends and Family Meeting at the Camrose Public Library in the Bunker on the first Monday of the month (May 6) 6-8 p.m.
    • Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection at the Camrose Public Library in the Bunker on the second Monday of the month (May 13) 6-8 p.m
      • *Nikki will assist the Leadership Team with the creation of an agenda for this meeting, but cannot attend – Amielle can you take notes again?
  11. Sharing Circle

March 11, 2019

Camrose Pride Community,
March 11, 2019
6-8 pm Camrose Public Library, in the Bunker

The meeting was chaired by Gus. Wayne sent his regrets.

17 people were in attendance (at different times or on the phone) during the meeting.


2.Discussion with Camrose Police Services to help them with their strategic planning

Camrose Police Service representatives and City of Camrose Strategic planners were in attendance to ask for our honest feedback on what they are doing well and how they can improve in the future.

They will be asked 2 questions:

  1. What aspects of public safety and policing are going well in Camrose?
  2. What areas of concern could be improved and/or use increased attention from police and the community?

There was good discussion in the group, but concern was expressed that there are voices in the LGBTQ2S+ Community that are not being heard.

Camrose Police Services urges anyone who has anything to share with them either positive or negative, to submit responses to at any time. If people wish to submit them anonymously, they may email and Camrose Pride Community will not reveal the person’s identity when their comments are shared.

3. Potential Collaboration with Walkable Camrose-Janet Roy

  • a. Janet shared that the Walkable Camrose Committee has been discussing the possibility of engaging various groups, like Camrose Pride Community, in something called tactical urbanism. These would be peaceful, non-permanent changes to the environment that could draw attention to a situation that the group would like to change.
  • b. Janet shared a number of images of examples such as temporary art expressions on streets or in parks. The group was particularly interested in painting the rainbow crosswalks.
  • c. There was discussion about how, when and where this might be possible.

4. Potential Collaboration with Camrose Arts Society for various upcoming events-Jane Cherry-Lemire

  • a. Jane shared three opportunities to become involved with various events in Camrose in the upcoming months.
  • i. Arts and Recreation in the Park on June 22 11am to 5pm
  • ii. Celebrate Canada on July 1 from 12-6 pm (activity portion of the day)
  • iii. Alberta Culture Days on September 27-29
  • Potential partners are invited to a meeting on March 15 at 1:30 pm at the Arts Centre to present their ideas and a budget that could potentially be added to a grant application. Nikki will explore this possibility.
  • b. Jane also mentioned that there is also the potential of combining the tactical urbanism with some of the Arts Centre events. This will be explored and discussed further, but requires people to take leadership roles.

5. Margaret shared the Treasurer’s report.

  • a. There is approximately $1500 that is undesignated presently.
  • b. There was discussion about how the group needs to be conscious of financial and human resources moving forward since Jen and Carol will no longer be providing leadership support. This needs to be taken into consideration when considering upcoming events.
  • c. Good news was shared that Nikki Featherstone has been hired by altView to support the work of Camrose Pride Community (the vacancy created when Jen moved). Nikki will have approximately 10 hours per week to provide this support. There will be a need for others to step forward to offer leadership in various areas that the group needs. This will be discussed more fully at the next meeting.

6. Other Business

  • a. March 23: Fostering Allyship for a More Inclusive Future Symposium at Augustana-Preregister by emailing; $10 registration includes lunch (registering prior to March 19 would really help the organizers in planning the food!)
  • b. March 23 All Ages and Stages Dance and Cabaret at Retro 7-10 p.m. (all ages) and 10 pm- closing (adults only) Advance tickets can be purchased at Retro and Quantum Comics and at the door (space is limited).
  • c.BBQ in June? Planning committee?
  • i. Nikki offered to head up a planning committee.
  • ii. More committee members are needed. Please let us know if you can help.
  • d. Big Valley Jamboree Parade in August? Planning committee?
  • i. Amielle offered to assist with the parade planning.
  •   ii. More committee members are needed. Please let us know if you can help.

7. Discussion of successes of Pride Week, lessons learned and feedback

  • a. There was limited time for discussion, but the general tone of feedback was positive about the variety of events and times they were offered during the week. So You Think You Can Drag continues to grow and be a very popular event in the community.

8. Upcoming Regular Meetings:

  • a. espressOUT on March 25 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Camrose Coffee on main street next to Bellissima Fashions (across the street from Camrose United Church). This is a new coffee shop in Camrose that is very happy to host the espressOUT conversation group.
  • b. Friends and Family Meeting at the Camrose Public Library in the Bunker on the first Monday of the month (April 1) 6-8 p.m.
  • c. The Traveling Tickle Trunk education event and sale has been rescheduled to April 1. It was postponed during Pride Week due to the illness of the presenter. Details will be announced shortly.
  • d. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection at the Camrose Public Library in the Bunker on the second Monday of the month (April 8) 6-8 p.m.
  • *Nikki will assist the Leadership Team with the creation of an agenda for this meeting and Amielle will record meeting notes.

9. Sharing

A delicious and beautiful cake decorated with rainbow colours and the Pride Flag was shared to acknowledge Carol’s leaving. She was presented with a card and words of thanks.  

Kodiak’s “Pride” Game on Friday, October 19!

Join us at the EnCana Arena in Camrose this Friday night at 7:00 p.m. as the Camrose Kodiaks tape up their hockey sticks with Pride Tape to play the Olds Grizzlys and show their support for inclusion in sports!

Jeff McLean, inventor of Pride Tape,  will be present on Friday with the “You Can Play” display ( Camrose Pride Community will also have a display to continue to share our mission to create safe and inclusive spaces for all of us through hosting events,  providing education and collaborations (like this one with the Kodiaks!).

If you would like to show your support for inclusive sports and would like a free ticket to the game, stop by to pick up your tickets at Quantum Comics in Camrose before the Friday night game!

If you would like to, wear your pride colours!

Hope to see you at the game! Go Kodiaks!