May 1,2017 Meeting minutes

Camrose Pride Community May 1, 2017 Meeting
Camrose United Church, 6 – 7:45 pm

Number in attendance: 14

Introductions and Sharing: How are you doing this week?

Safety Presentation: Liz Carter-Morgan joined to lead a discussion on Biblical-based claims against same sex relationships. The discussion was helpful and folks indicated an interest in continuing to discuss this and related issues of community response/homophobia on a regular basis. Take-aways:
• It is less challenging to engage with practicing Christians who study Scripture than others who ‘use’ Scripture
• There are six Clobber Texts that are generally used to support homophobia. Liz highlighted a few.
• Three points to diffuse confrontational conversations using Scripture:
o Ask the person to be specific about placing the chosen passage in the context of the story
o Ask the person how they currently live Biblically (ie, Leviticus)
o Note that judgement is better left to God: “my orientation/identity is between me and God”.
• Use discretion when opting to engage as it can risk escalation of the other person’s reaction.
• Liz added that the Bible is not a singular text, but a library written over many years. Biblical study is essential when selecting specific passages to make specific points.
• In the end, everyone agreed that the primary message of the Bible is one of love.

Jaywalker’s Jamboree on June 2 and 3: Wayne provided an update.
• The Chamber of Commerce has now disallowed our face-painting fundraiser as there are other face-painters who have ‘invested lots of money’ and they now have a limit as to numbers of face-painters.
• Alternative: a children’s fishing pool, with prizes.
• Amber has supplies for fishing pool as well as the booth, including a new tent and sandwich board.
• Everyone agreed to continue with Jaywalkers and offer the fishing pool. We will also have buttons and rainbow flags, which Carl has purchased.
• Action Items:
o Pride members will drop off cash donations (as affordable for them) to Gus at House of Hair Design.
o Sammy will check to see if AQUA has some funds they can donate (to Jaywalkers and/or Parade Float)
o Amber and Jen will take care of the fishing pool, including purchasing the supplies.
o Jen will email reminders re donations and the volunteer schedule.

Another All-Ages Dance in the Fall: There is still interest in organizing this, although it was a bit of work and fairly costly. Expenses are not in this year’s budget, but perhaps Jaywalkers, BBQ and other donations may help. We would not have access to the same DJ, who was paid an honorarium but also donated a lot of time, so would need an alternative DJ. We would probably ask Thomas to MC and Robin Banks to perform. Re-visit at June meeting.

Community BBQ on June 24: This will be a priority item at the June meeting. To note:
• Home Hardware BBQ will be delivered.
• Jonathan won’t be here to help BBQ; Amber’s father may be able to help.
• Rebecca is helping/donating food.
• Will purchase burgers from M & M Meats as pre-cooked.
• Carol may have more details to share at June meeting.
• Other volunteer tasks will be shared at June meeting.

Pride Float, BVJ Parade on August 3
• Julie at Starbucks may support; Starbucks is a Pride Parade supporting business
• Folks on the float need to be secured: tethered or a rail? There are hooks on the flatbed.
• Discussed design of float; tree with rainbows hanging from branches, and rainbow panels along the bottom.
• Action Items:
o Gus contact Sharon at Chamber of Commerce to find out what they mean by ‘secure’ riders
o Sammy find out availability of Augustana folks to participate (incl. Vikings & International Students)
Summer Camp-fire and/or Camp-out
• At Ferintosh Bed & Breakfast; there is room to camp if folks want to
• Probably in September
• Deferred to a later meeting

Altview Update
• Edmonton Pride Parade: Individual wavers not needed this year. Camrose Pride members who want to walk with the Altview float send names to Altview via Jen for inclusion in the group waver.
• Camrose Pride T-Shirts: Altview again printing. Background will be pink. Now using trans colours as have used all the rainbow colours. 2018 will be blue. Let Jen know if wish to order a shirt. Will cost no more than $20, and possibly less. Available for Jaywalkers (by mid-May or thereabouts)
• Action Items:
o Email Jen if you want to walk – fairly soon as the parade is June 10.
o Jen will then connect with Michael/Altview.

Adjournment and Next Meeting: The meeting adjourned at 7:50. Next meeting is June 5, 6 pm, United Church.