May 2023- Camrose Pride Meeting Minutes

Camrose Pride – Minutes

Date: Monday, May 15, 2023   

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm    Place: ONLINE ZOOM & COMPOSITE SCHOOL

Attendees: Kendra, Zee, Teri, Ray, Lewis, Megan, Stephen

1. Call to Order: 1834 – Confirm quorum – Check-in: What is everybody’s capacity levels? Green: I have capacity to do more than what I did this month towards Camrose Pride. Yellow: The work so far has been manageable. Red: The amount of work required of me this month caused me stress. 

2. Financial Report:

April $1869.28 $500 petty cash (- $3.75 bank fee)

3. Old Business :

3.1 Camrose ExpressOut and Board Games Night 

– Going well – new peoples

– Should continue in June because it is very important to some people

3.2 Resetting our password and privacy (done) 

4. June Events

4.1 Pride Dance (Megan Report) 

– Friday June 23 at the Retro. Have the whole space but open to the public

– Face painter at the event $5/each

– Playlist done just need to have it loaded to a USB for playing. Issues with some tech. Potentially Ray’s YouTube account can be used to download music. Ray willing to make the time to do this 😊 

– Need an MC – Zack is too busy. Lucas Hill waiting for a response. Lewis will follow up. 

– Tickets will be collected at the entrance to the dance venue.

– Cost of tickets – a requested donation of $10

– Volunteers set- up, take down, safe space and tickets

– Glow sticks or glow face paint (preferred).

– Student to make buttons – Terri and Ray to ask student to make

– 6-10 pm shift – Kendra and Megan set up, Lewis and Stephen take-down. Terri to ask a few GSA members to manage tickets. 

– Safe space manager – ask Paul (?) to help with bouncing. Zee will volunteer for this. Just need to de-escalate people if needed. 

– Photo booth area approved – we have to decorate designated space. Everyone to bring things – Lewis has a supply of items at the library. 

– Poster – got it!

4.2 Picnic in Park – June 10

– City permanent obtained

– Indigenous elder opening prayer – $800? 

– Augustana may have a human to lead prayer, Lewis to approach with tobacco for an ask of the elder. 


Stephen motioned: Investigate who could do an indigenous prayer for us and utilize funds for the expense.

Ray seconded.

All in favor – motion moved. 

– Stephen will investigate food trucks

– Library can provide some craft supplies

– Rock painting? In the past Nikki arranged. Do not know if she is participating this year. Megan to ask Nikki. 

– Do we need to purchase paint for this? Chuck McLean and Jada recreation coordinator Kendra will reach out to see if we can use their supplies. 

– Designate shifts set-up and take down – everyone will help

– Banner and flag to be set up – Megan, Lewis and 3 volunteers. 

– On poster will say bring your own chair

– Ray will check with Women’s Shelter regarding attendance. 

– Megan to approach Recovery group as well for attendance. 

4.3. Silent Auction

– 10-12 places identified

– Ray to share list to date with Megan and Kendra

– No response from Augustana AQUA

– Kendra and Megan to approach businesses

5. BVJ Parade Float (Deadline July 24th ) – on hold pending insurance.

5.1 Insurance – no quote regarding the expense. 

– Could wait until next board meeting?

– Need to meet in July to set up for parade.

– No throw aways during parade

– Us and the banner 😊 

6. New Business 

6.1 Other events: Karaoke, nature walk, flag raising, social media event, gus’ fire, beers for queers. 

– June 25 Gus hosting a BBQ

– Beers for Queers – easy to set up, no funding, just advertise. – June 16

– Game night June 22 – Megan

– ExpressOutside – June 13 

– Rainbow Karaoke at the Park– June 10 – 7pm

– Nature Walk – June 17 – 2pm Starts at the pride flag and walked around northern part of mirror lake, about 45 mins – Stephen

– Flag – request the town to raise flag for the whole month. Stephen and Lewis. 

– Media blitz – how do you celebrate pride? Share your favorite Pride moment. Share your photo on our social media. 

– Library can add to their media – but not ran by Lewis. 

2. Camrose Community Grants (Deadline June 4)

– Annual grant

– $1000 and we are eligible

– Has to be used for a community organization 

– Use it for next year’s dance.

– Kendra to support grants 

Motion – Stephen – investigate and apply for the Camrose community grant to support next year’s dance.

Terri – second. 

All in favor. Motion passed. 

7. Fundraising ideas: 

7.1 Theatre Performance – fall/New Year. Goal November

– The Baileys and Sam – variable based on what play you get. 

– Megan will continue to investigate 

– To investigate further in the fall

7.2. Burlesque and Rocky Horror Picture Show 

– Has had one from Edmonton before – very complicated to quote due to requirements. 

– Megan will do more investigation

8. Standing items 

8.1 Community Event Night (September 7, 6pm-8:30pm) 

– paid and applied for

8.2 Next Camrose Pride meeting set date: 

Motion – Megan – Next Pride meeting will be July 3 at 6:30 pm

Second by Lewis

All in favor. Motion passed. 

Location TBD

9. Adjournment and check out: “Camrose Pride Community’s mission is to create space for wellness through providing opportunities for education, collaboration, and engagement.”

 Name one word that stands out to you in our mission statement or add your own

  • Community
  • Education
  • Umbrella
  • Engagement
  • Connection x 2
  • Comprehension (understanding)

Adjourned: 1946

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