BVJ Parade!

We are planning our entry into the BVJ Parade August 1st!!!

Would you like to join in and help decorate? ?️‍? Would you like to walk with us in the parade??

If you want to come help out, contact Amielle at her email:

We are currently setting the date for decoration (sometime in the days leading up to August 1st), and setting the time and location to meet the morning of the parade!

Join us and WALK WITH PRIDE!!!

July Meeting Minutes

Camrose Pride Community
Date: Monday, July 8th, 2019
Time 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Place: Camrose Public Library Irving Meeting Room
Attendance: Gus, Nikki, Ron, Lucas, Stephen 

Regrets: Margaret, Amielle, Robyn

  1. Introductions
  2. Leadership
    1. Melissa Wilks (Sir Racha) was the co-president of Aqua, and is interested in being co-chair, though she will be gone from January to May. While there are many things happening during this time, we’re very open to her co-chairing. If there are interested parties, we could have an acting co-chair during the interim. Nikki will follow-up with Melissa. 
    2. We are still openly looking for a treasurer. If you know anyone who may be interested, please let us know.
    3. The PDF of the bylaws are now available on the website. 
  3. Financial Report
    1. Margaret is unable to attend this evening to provide the financial update.
  4. Society Status (Incorporation)
    1. We were rejected on our previous application.
    2. We need 5 signatures on the bylaws and the application and a witness. Nikki will be the witness and the executive will be the 5 names. 
    3. Name Change: We need a legal name like society, association, and it must be at the end. It will be our legal name, but we can still remain Camrose Pride Community informally. Our bylaws will remain the same
    4. Our official address will be Gus’ home/business’ address. 
    5. Nikki knows that it may be about 6 or 7 months to finalize.
    6. The fee was returned to Carol, and she will let us know when she receives it, so we can use it for our reapplication.
    7. The name requirements are distinctive, descriptive, legal:
      1. Distinct: unique word or location (Camrose)
      2. Descriptive: what it does or is (Pride)
      3. Legal: possibilities include society, association, club, fellowship, guild, foundation, institute, league, committee council board center or bureau.
    8. Gus passes motion to have name become Camrose Pride Society legally, though remain informally Camrose Pride Community. Motion passed.
  5. Upcoming Events and Plans
    1. United Church
      1. Gus went to the United Church to speak about the possibility of having Pam Rocker (Calgary) come to Camrose. She helps bridge the gap between traditional Christianity and queer-affirmative Christianity. 
      2. She charges $300/400 for a sermon or workshop. She would cost about $1000 total with expenses.
      3. The Bethel Church (Ellen Parker) is queer friendly, as is the United Church, and we could share fees to have her speak in Camrose.
      4. We could have this near the time of the Family Dance.
      5. Gus will follow up with Bethel Church, United Church, and Pam Rocker.
    2. Camp fYrefly Resource Fair
      1. Campy fYrefly is held at Augustana and invited us to attend the resource fair.
      2. Lucas and Chris (Friends and Family) are going to sit at the table. Anyone/everyone is welcome to join us (Nikki will connect Lucas and Chris).
      3. Gus should have our tri-fold table display (already complete) in his storage, and will look for it. Lucas will come pick it up.
      4. It would be nice to have something branded to handout to children. As this is very soon, we may not be able to have it ready for this, but something impermanent (like a flyleaf) may work for the interim.
        1. We will speak about branding for the CPC at future meetings.
      5. Lucas will print out a sheet for e-mail sign-up.
      6. Lucas will create a flyleaf.
    3. Reading with Royalty – Friday, July 26th, 1pm – 3pm
      1. Robyn Banks (Zach) and Sir Racha (Melissa) will be reading to children at the Camrose Public Library
      2. Lucas will come to support/partner. Everyone/anyone is welcome to come as well! 
      3. We have decorations/pride flags/etc. we can share. Lucas will pick up from Gus.
    4. Big Valley Jamboree Pride Parade – Thursday, August 3rd (3 WEEKS AWAY)
      1. Deadline: Sunday, June 13th – Insurance
      2. Meet-up by about 8:00am/9:00am in the morning.
      3. Amielle and Margaret said they would be back in time, and will be handling that this week.
      4. BVJ Parage is aware that we want to come.
      5. Shae (Millet) and Tinelle had said something about building a float, but unfortunately did not connect with CPC. We will keep this in mind for next year.
      6. Tish’s car is confirmed.
      7. Leies, bubbles, feather boas, sticker moustaches are some of the things we would like in our tickle trunk.
      8. We have pom poms from last year to attach to the car.
      9. We can order more pride tape from Edmonton (for the Kodiaks). Gus will look into ordering more pride tape. 
      10. We will have another meeting about the float as soon as possible.  We will decide through email. Nikki will send out email.
      11. Tish’s car is confirmed.
      12. Lucas will go to dollar store/tree to get supplies for the tickle trunk.  
      13. Sir Racha is confirmed. Robyn Banks is confirmed. Nikki will contact the Kodiaks. Nikki will ask Carol for the contact.
      14. Decorating car closer to, either the Tuesday/Wednesday beforehand. Robyn Banks would like to come as well. Nikki will send out email and social media to garner help.
      15. Gus makes motion to spend up to $271.00 for float. Stephen seconded.
      16. Nikki will start social media campaign.
      17. We encourage everyone to come and walk with us!  
    5. Pride BBQ
      1. We made $122.85 from donations..
      2. We saved $158.50 was saved from the initial slated amount of $500.
      3. ~170 attendees
      4. A resounding success! 
    6. Community Registration Night
      1. Thursday, September 5th, 2019
      2. We will revisit closer to the date of.
    7. Fall Family Dance
      1. This is generally held on a Friday or Saturday in October.
      2. We must book the Bailey Theatre which costs about $700. Gus will contact the Bailey Theatre about what dates work best
      3. Possible dates:
        1. Friday, October 18th
        2. Saturday, October 19th
  6. Queer Friendly Business List/Certification(to-do)
    1. Nikki is creating a list of queer friendly business, so if you have any ideas, please send them to her. She is thinking of creating a written agreement to establish what creates a safe place.
    2. Before we can certify them as a safe-space business, we could have a meeting with them.
    3. We will discuss this idea further in future meetings.
  7. Upcoming Regular Meetings
    1. Meetings – We will continue to use the Irving Room for regular meetings (instead of the Bunker)
      1. For October and November the 2nd Mondays are holidays, so we will hold them that Tuesday instead. Nikki will contact the library about the change.
    2. eXpressOUT
      1. Monday, July 29th, 2019 – 5:30pm – 7:00pm
        1. Location: Camrose Coffee
        2. Theme: Divination
    3. Friends and Family Meeting
      1. The will return to regular meetings in October. 
      2. Chris is wondering if perhaps there is an ally in the community that can create a more structured approach to this. If you know of someone that has experience with having an LGBTQIA+ person in their family that can speak to that in a structured way, let us know.
    4. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      1. Monday, August 12th, 2019 6:00pm – 8:00pm
      2. Camrose Public Library Irving Room
  8. Sharing Circle