AGM March 8th, 2021

Camrose Pride Community
Annual General Meeting
Date: Monday, March 8, 2021    
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm    Place: Online Zoom Meeting

Executive Leadership:
Lucas H (he/him) – Secretary
Candy M (she/her) – Treasurer
Robyn G (she/her) – Member-at-Large
Stephen M (he/him) – Member-at-Large


Gus B (he/him) – Co-chair 1
Zach S (he/him) – Co-chair 2

Nikki F (she/her)

Tessa (they/them)
Sam (she/them)
Teri (she/her)
Janna (she/her)
Brae (she/her)
Charissa (she/her)
Sophie (they/them) – AltView Foundation
Ray (he/him)
Jessica (she/her)
Andrew (he/him)

  1. CALL TO ORDER – Nikki F
  1. The Annual General Meeting was called to order at 6:39pm on Monday, March 8, 2021 by Nikki F with opening remarks.
    1. Nikki F. relays that Gus B. and Zach S. send their regrets.
  2. Quorum is achieved.
  3. There were introductions.
MOTION: Stephen M That CPC Executive approve the agenda with the following amendments: There are two co-chair positions and a member-at-large position up for nominations, as well. SECONDED: Charissa CARRIED
    1. The balance sheet and RBC statements have been made available to CPC Executives.
    2. 2020 financial statements were audited by Robyn G. and Stephen M. Thank you for your time.
    3. We had applied for a grant to further our strategic goals, but unfortunately we were not successful.
MOTION: Charissa  That the audited financial report be approved as reported. SECONDED: Lucas
MOTION: Candy   That the two auditors of the financial statements for the AGM selected be two community members. SECONDED: Charissa CARRIED
    1. Board Positions
      1. Gus B will not stand again for his position as Co-chair 1 and Lucas H will not stand again for his position as Secretary. Zach S will step down as Co-chair 2.
      2. There were no nominations for co-chair 2 and this position will remain open for nomination  during a general meeting in the future. If you know of interested community members, please direct them to the CPC.
MOTION: Robyn G   That Nikki F be elected as Co-chair 1.SECONDED: Lucas H
MOTION: Stephen M. That Robyn G. be elected as Secretary. SECONDED: Nikki F CARRIED
MOTION: Stephen M  That Stephen M be elected as Member-at-Large. SECONDED: Nikki F CARRIED
MOTION: Candy M  That Janna F be elected as Member-at-Large. SECONDED: Nikki F CARRIED
MOTION: Candy M That one Member-at-Large is a liaison for the proposed Youth Council as Representative. SECONDED: Nikki F
MOTION: Candy M   That Sam K be elected as Member-at-Large – Youth Council Representative. SECONDED: Nikki F CARRIED
  1. Youth Council
    1. CPC hopes to begin establishing a Youth Council to collaborate with and include younger members. This Youth Council would nominate an Executive Member-at-Large as Youth Council Representative with voting rights.
  2. Faith Community Relationships
    1. CPC hopes to continue with our strong relationship with the United Church.
  3. Safe Space Program
    1. CPC hopes to create a Safe Space program for business to evaluate and instill business practices that support the queer community in Camrose and area. 
  1. YOUTH COUNCIL 2021 – Candy M
    1. There has been increasing interest in a permanent Youth Council.
    2. We want to ensure that all members of our community have a voice, and we have found that young people through schools and smaller communities in our area would like be engaged more.
    3. Sam K. is co-president with another CCHS (Camrose Composite High School) student and would like to engage the CCHS with the CPC.
      1. The CCHS QSA (Queer-Straight Alliance) has been putting up posters to educate fellow students.
      2. The CCHS QSA has been planning a fundraising for the Open Door.
      3. Their mission is to create a positive and safe environment both within the school and outside of the school, regardless of the student’s home circumstances.
      4. It is important that LGBTQIA+ identified youth have spaces that they feel safe within, that are not taken over by other diversity initiatives.
    4. We would like to have more involvement between QSAs and CPC through this Youth Council. 
    5. CPC’s strategic plan from 2020 strived to have a member from the Youth Council as an executive member from the CPC, which we will move forward with in 2021.
    6. There are concerns that the pandemic has prevented students from important face-to-face interactions. 
    7. The QSA meets every Thursday at CCHS. 
    8. The responses from the community survey may have venues where the Youth Council can take charge. 
    9. There are not a lot of queer role models in the community for the QSA to witness.
      1. We would like to support intergenerational community relationships.
    10. There are many QSAs in Edmonton and area communities. Our Youth Council and QSAs could get support from these other organizations. 
    11. Our AltView guest Sophie P would love to be involved in supporting this Youth Council.
    12. There was also conversation about talking to Camp fYrefly and Camp Dragonfly.
MOTION: Candy M   That CPC support queer youth in the development of a Youth Council. SECONDED: Nikki F
    1. Candy M presented information for everyone on conversion therapy in Canada and Alberta with a slideshow. Thank you.
    2. Norm Mayer, current mayor, has expressed his support. We would like/need a champion on the city council. 
    3. While there is talk at the federal level about a conversion therapy, it is not in place yet, and having a municipal bylaw would strengthen the ban regardless of who controls the federal government.
    4. We want to ensure that our community is engaged in getting involved in the ban. 
      1. The more communities and community members we have voicing their support, the stronger it would be. 
    5. The fight is worthy of the time and effort, so we will continue to do research and see what our communities are doing. 
    6. Pam Rocker, queer faith community worker, and Dr. Glynnis Lieb, Executive Director of iSMSS and one of the members of the now-dissolved conversion therapy working group have both expressed support for the CPC’s initiative.
    7. We would like to send out a letter for the opinions of the Camrose County Council and surrounding municipalities’ councils. Charissa S. can also reach out to some interoffice agencies.
    8. CPC will draft a letter to send out to interested parties.
    1. Review of 2020
      1. We did what we felt we were able within the emotional constraints of the pandemic. 
      2. Pride Outside – Nature Hikes
      3. ExpressOUTside! – Monthly Nature Walks
      4. Reading with Royalty – Virtual Edition
      5. Augustana 2020 Pride Week (pre-pandemic)
      6. Moments of Pride – June/Pride Month
      7. Camrose Women’s Shelter – 16 Days of Gender Based Violence Awareness Partnership
    1. We want to formalize the strategic plan to publish and share with the community.
      1. Jessica D., our guest from Drayton Valley, is happy to help with strategic planning as well as she is familiar with the process. 
    2. Andrew, our medical professional/student guest, has shared information on an Alberta Doctor’s grant that he is willing to help with. 
    3. Survey Results
      1. Respondents included 9 from our email group and 3 from our Facebook group.
        1. Survey Monkey produced more responses than previous attempts with Google Forms.
      2. What in-person events would you attend, once it is safe to do so?
        1. Family Queer Dance
        2. Pride in the Park
        3. Online Trivia/Name that Tune
        4. Fire Pits
        5. Pride Hikes
        6. Drag Shows
        7. Low Energy – High Reward Commitments
      3. Online Workshops Ideas
        1. Trans Makeup
        2. Drag Makeup
        3. Expanding Community
        4. Queer History
        5. Mythology
        6. Queer Identities
        7. Gatekeeping/Autonomy/Othering
      4. It would be nice to include people outside of our immediate known people.
      5. If you have further comments, please contact the
    1. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      1. Monday, April 12th, 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
      2. Location: Online Zoom 
    2. EspressOUTside
      1. TBA – weather dependent, resuming in Spring?
    1. Friends and Family Meeting
      1. Monday, April 5th, 2021
      2. Location: Online Zoom Meeting
      3. Please contact Andrea Dyck for details (
    1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:39pm