Camrose Pride

Date: Monday, January 10, 2021

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Place: Online

Attendees: Nikki, Jessica, Candy, Teri, Raymond, Gus, Charissa

Regrets: Justin, Alex, Stephen,

  1. Call to order/Introductions/Check in
    1. Called to order by Nikki at 1836
  2. Financial Report
    1. bank fee only
    2. $2,285.53 – report attached
  1. Old Business

3.1 Conversion Therapy Ban

3.1.1 Federal Criminal Code Passed

3.1.2 Discussion

  • May make things harder for municipalities to support own ban as it is now federal criminal code – they won’t see the value or need
  • Law needs to be analyzed as to what it really means
  • Will need more backing to gather real support
  • Attitude is that if there’s a problem take it to court
  • Regrouping needed around our approach
  • Still need formal municipal support
  • We should not stop moving it forward – would be ideal to find a council member champion
  • Public knowledge around federal vs provincial vs municipal laws to support the federal movement
  • We should review the law to see what is missing, what is strong and what could be clarified.
  • Making people aware that this does happen here and what it is
  • Support individual knowledge and awareness – beyond municipal
  • Urgency of getting it done has eased – we have more time, decreased pressure
  • Because we’ve initiated this we need to have a public presence to provide a person centered approach

            3.1.2 – Data

  • Gathering data is still critical
  • Community members need to know that it does happen here and where it’s happening and how
  • Understanding Conversion Therapy practices
  • Opportunity to gather real good data
  • Education of ourselves as to why it needs to be on a provincial and municipal level so we can educate others/families/community
  • Personal story collection is critical to show the critical impact
  • Connect back with Dr. Wells, No Conversion Canada
  • Charissa has access to U of A data
  • Qualitative research could start with conversations
  • Data has to be stored in a safe place


  • Nikki will contact Dr. Wells about research – methodology, ethics, best practices and movement forward.

3.2 Revised ACTION plan (refer to agenda for detailed action items)

  • Crowdsource funding plan from AB government and the gov’t will match an amount of the donations
  • Can we do it under No Conversion Canada umbrella
  • CIP grant available – matching dollars
  • We have to be careful with government funding due to loopholes
  • City of Camrose may have funding available – community grant and arts and culture grant
  • CDSS – possible source, limited amounts
  • May want to include youth development piece as well
  • Need a youth rep on the board


  • Candy to explore local grants- to support research and events for Pride month
  • Jess to explore other sources of funding
  • Charissa explore how many QSA’s are in the school division
  • Touch base before next meeting
  • Anyone who can chat with council , go ahead 🙂 
  • Step 3 of action plan
    • Gather data on occurrence and impact of Conversion ‘Therapy’ Practices in Camrose and area; contact other communities who have passed their by-law and inquire around where/how they gathered data on this
    • Self education in our group about the federal ban
  • Question
    • What is our mission statement around this? How do we get people to be accountable for their actions? Christian church lack of responsibility and accountability.
    • Some discomfort in the group regarding certain organizations
    • Abusers will ignore it
    • Goal – advocating for our right to exist
    • Goal – knowing what is a Conversion practice and sharing that knowledge
  1. New Business

4.1 AGM – due first quarter, March 14 meeting.

  • Follow AGM with strategic planning session – update and refocus existing strategic plan

4.2 Spring/Summer Events – Monthly review to see what we are doing in June 2022

4.3 School Update

 – Students don’t see it as a big deal, and want to continue with clubs and extracurricular activities.

– The current group needs more support and safety then the past groups (previous was more involved in advocacy)

– Division is supporting their capacity through QSA at some schools in the division.

– New division Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator is heading up QSA groups and supporting trans students

  • Hays Lakes has an active QSA
  • Conference reinforced the legalities around QSA – schools have to support development
  • Most parents DO support safe space for students in the school
  • Alt View is able to support rural development of QSA
  1. Standing Items

5.1 Monthly Meetings – next meeting Feb 14 – reschedule? – moved to Feb 7, 2022

5.2 ExpressOUTSIDE – TBD, COVID dependent

5.3 Friends and Family Support Group – Running online, first Wednesday of every month – contact Andrea Dyck for info:

  1. Adjournment and check out

Adjourned by Nikki – 1944

August 12th, 2019

Camrose Pride Community
Date: Monday, August 12, 2019
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Place: Camrose Public Library Irving Meeting Room

  • Introductions
  • Erika – CSL students for Fall 2019
  • Zack – Fall Bank$ Ball – sponsorship? Volunteers?
  • BVJ Parade debrief
    • Response to hate signs at parade/chalk out front of library – should we do a public response or ignore it?
    • Have received supportive inquiry from the Colleen Nelson at the United Church, they will support us in any way they can and wanted to check in on how we were doing with the parade hate signs
  • Camp fYrefly Resource Fair Debrief
  • Reading with Royalty Debrief
  • Haven Art Therapy Update – Art therapy pilot group in the works – looking to create a peer facilitator position from the community. Details to come
  • UPDATES: Leadership Team Positions
    • At current, the leadership stands as:
      • Lead Chair: Gus
      • Co-Chair – OPEN – any ideas of who to approach? Melissa has declined
      • Secretary: Lucas
      • Treasurer/Banker: Margaret (through CDSS) is transitioning. Candy Morningway has been invited to become Treasurer – response:
      • Member-at-Large: Amielle
      • Member-at-Large: Robyn
    • Nikki remains as support through the AltView foundation.
  • Financial Report
    • Margaret sends regrets.
    • Nikki has requested she email the Financial Report in to be presented tonight.
  • Society Status
    • Update – signatures on document application
  • Upcoming Events and Plans
    • Community Registration Night, Thursday, September 5th evening – Lucas & Amielle will have our table
      • What do we need?
    • Fall Family Dance – Bailey is booked up and hasno room. Do we want to look at another location? A different date/season?
  • Upcoming Regular Meetings
    • Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      • Monday, September 9th, 2019 6:00pm – 8:00pm at the Camrose Public Library Irving Room
      • October and November meeting dates have been rescheduled with the Library to work around stats:
        1. Tuesdays, October 15, and November 12, 2019
    • EspressOUT
      • Monday, August 26th, 2019 5:30pm – 7:30pm
        • Location: Camrose Coffee
        • Theme: Tarot night? Colouring Party?
    • Friends and Family Meeting
      • They will not be meeting for June, July, August, and September. They will return to regular meetings in October.
  • Sharing Circle

May 13, 2019 6-8Pm

Camrose Pride Community
May 13, 2019 Meeting Agenda
6-8 pm
Camrose Public Library in IRVING ROOM

  1. Introduction
  2. Representative from TD Bank
  3. Leadership Team Positions open:
    • Co-Chair & Treasure (transitioning) – descriptions from bylaws (attached, V & VI)
    • Member Without Portfolio (as our bylaws state we need a minimum of 5 for a Board) – Amielle has volunteered to occupy this position – motion/vote
    • Talk about posting bylaws on website? Or having them in a dropbox sharable link on the website, with any other documents we want open to the entire CPC membership?
  4. Financial Report – Margaret H.
    • Clarification for BBQ petty cash – approved budget of up to $500 from April’s meeting; will this be forwarded as petty cash to Nikki Featherstone to administer while Margaret is away? Do we need a motion or was this approved last month?
  5. Update on Society status:
    • Action from last month to contact for an update – news?
    • Action from last month on bank account – has anyone talked to the banks about opening an account prior to status coming in?
  6. Upcoming events and plans
    1. Pride in the Park BBQ – June 16, 3pm – 8pm, Jubilee Park – Covered Shelter/fire stove by playground
      • City permit is approved; AHS notification for food handling sent in
      • Facebook event is up, Please share it to get the news out – general gathering starts at 3pm, BBQ at 4:30pm, candle vigil at 6:30, 7pm healing fire ceremony – check FB event for details
      • Donations – need volunteers to canvas for donations: ie safeway, coop: condiments, buns, cheese slices, bottles of water, veggie trays, hot dogs, burgers, watermelons
      • Idea: thermometer donation – Amielle had a great idea to raise funds by choosing a dollar amount or a project goal, and drawing out a large thermometer to mark progress. Would CPC want to do this? If so, will we begin the campaign at the BBQ? We will need volunteers to man this station and secure donations – how do we do that? Locked cash box?
      • BBQ will come from Camrose Police, who will also take it away. They do not have members able to cook. We need volunteers to cook.
      • Poster is being modified/created by Nikki – where do we get posters printed?
    2. Big Valley Jamboree Parade in August –  news and update
      • Planning committee headed by Amielle
      • Vehicle?
      • Guests?
      • Insurance/administration/permits (if any)
      • Members on Planning committee – do we need more volunteers?
        • (Nikki F cannot attend the parade, as she will not be here. She will have some time in July to assist committee in last part of the preparations when needed)
  7. Community Registration Night
    • Is CDSS filling out the registration form? Motion for payment
    • We need volunteers to man the table, set up and take down the display
      • Nikki F is willing, depending on date and time – do we have this yet?
      • Do we have another person willing to volunteer?
  8. Upcoming Regular Meetings:
    • espressOUT on May 27th, 5:30-7:00 p.m. Where should we hold espressOUT in May? The Forum? Off campus in a coffee shop? Where?
    • Friends and Family Meeting is NOT meeting for June, July, August & September. They will return to regular, first Monday’s in October
    • Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection at the Camrose Public Library in the IRVING ROOM on the second Monday of the month (June 10) 6-8 p.m
      • *Nikki will assist the Leadership Team with the creation of an agenda for this meeting, Lucas as Secretary will take minutes and forward to Nikki for posting on the website
  9. Sharing Circle