October 3, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Greetings and Introductions

  1. Camrose Pride Website is live as of October 3, 2016
    • Minutes will be posted; first names only will be used in the minutes
    • Camrosepride.ca
  2. Will follow the altView pattern for organization of meetings
    • 2 weeks prior to the meeting, a reminder will be sent out to members by email with a call for agenda items to be submitted
    • Call for reports; allows Jen time to copy
  3. Bed Race for Open Door
    • Is the group interested in participating?
    • Construction of a bed is needed
    • Carol will contact AQUA to ask if we can be on the agenda for their next meeting; Wayne and Carol will make a presentation to AQUA on October 6
    • Contact Wayne if interested in helping with the decoration of the bed and/or being on the team (5 people needed)
    • Paige is willing to help out, but not take charge
  4. Dance Party Updates
    • 102 tickets sold; probably close to 120 were in attendance
    • Robin Bank$ was marvelous as the Drag Queen
    • Well publicized with posters
    • Community support was evident in the donations of prizes
    • No alcohol needed to have a fun party
    • Financials are available and will be posted soon
  5. Financial situation updated
    • $1300 seed money from CDSS
    • Donation from AQUA and altView for the cost of the banner
    • $573 remaining after all revenue and expenses are calculated
  6. Seniors Coalition partnership possibilities
    • Concerns about LGBTQ people who are aging have been raised
    • Is there someone in the group who would write a column about what it is like to be an LGBTQ person who is aging in Camrose? Someone is needed by January.
    • Michael Phair recently presented at a Gray Matters conference and members of the Seniors’ Coalition are interested in hosting him to come and address a gathering;
    • The consensus of the group was to explore partnership possibilities with the Seniors’ Coalition.
    • Nora Lee and Jonathan will help CPC connect with a group called Prime Timers.
  7. Parent Meeting update
    • Met on September 26; small turn out, but not reflective of the interest
    • More publicity needed; Facebook page, Camrose Morning News
    • October 18 is the next scheduled meeting at Camrose United Church
    • Goal is to have a regular meeting date for this group
    • Spread the word to any parents/family members
    • Group is being called Family and Friends Support
  8. expressOUT
    • Next scheduled meeting is on Tuesday, October 11
    • The goal is to set a regular meeting date as the third Monday of the month
  9. Website update
    • Jen will be updating the website while she is on her road trip in October
    • Paige is willing to help gather resources to be posted online
    • Gus is willing to be an emergency contact to be accessed on the website
  10. Ideas for Upcoming Events/Planning
    • Small event for early December Potluck Social
    • Contact Jen if you are willing to help plan this event
    • Begin planning in November for upcoming events in 2017; map out the next year

Parking Lot:

  • Safe Spaces in Health Care; Everyone do some research and bring ideas to next meeting



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