April 3, 2017 Sharing and Planning Meeting Agenda

1. Sharing : What’s rocking your world?

2. Reflections on Pride Week events
a. What went well?
b. What could we have done differently?
c. What ideas do we want to try for next year?

3. Upcoming events and opportunities
a. Canada 150 Film Night on April 19, 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the Bailey Theatre; screening of “Breakfast with Scot”, hosted and introduced by Camrose Pride Community
• Previewing of the film on April 14 at Gus’ house (time to be determined since it is Good Friday)
b. Collaboration with Seniors’ Coalition
c. Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute Student project
d. Participation with altView in Edmonton Pride Parade on June 10
e. Safety Training at May 1 meeting
f. Grants and opportunities they provide

4. Planning for upcoming events: Sharing of ideas and Committee Formation
a. Jaywalkers Jamboree Booth on June 2 & 3: Fundraiser
b. Community BBQ on June 24
c. Big Valley Jamboree Parade entry on August 3
• Construction of float
• Safety planning

5. Other points for discussion

  • Letter to the Editor in Camrose Booster March 28, 2017

6.Committee work

 7. Sharing of Committee work with whole group

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