Meeting Notes from June 5, 2017

Camrose Pride Community

June 5, 2017

Meeting Notes

 Attendance: 13

  • Introductions and Sharing
  • Viewing and discussion of the Video “What I love about being queer” by Vivek Shraya
  • Debrief about Jaywalkers’ Jamboree event on June 2 & 3
    1. Thank yous to Amber and Jen for their amazing efforts
    2. Very generous donations
    3. Good exposure for the group
    4. Appreciation expressed for having a game for your children
    5. Good connections made
    6. Thank you for Carl for his generosity and hospitality
    7. Jane Cherry asked if the group could be involved with the Arts in the Park event on June 17, 2017 Action: Wayne will follow up with Jane to determine if it will work for us to be involved      
  • Memorandum of Understanding with altView
  • The group looked it over and no further revisions were suggested.
  • Action: Gus, Wayne and Carol to proceed with process with the assistance of altView  
  • Financial Update: Margaret
  • Financial expenses report is available upon request
  • We are in good shape financially for our events.
  • Business regarding Upcoming Events
    • Community BBQ on June 24 (Carol)
    • Posters will be printed and distributed
    • Action: Dusty and Jen will hang up posters
    • Action: Margaret will send the notice out to Interagency and Camrose Morning News
    • Action: Send your name to Carol if you would like to help set up2
  • Float in Big Valley Jamboree Parade on August 3 (Gus and Carl)
    • Action: Jen will send an email out to provide a deadline for participation in the parade
    • Action: send names to Jen
    • Action: Suggest songs for a play list,  send ideas to Gus
  • Campfire event (Bryan M. taking the lead): Bryan will have the information in time to advertise at the BBQ
  • Community Registration Night on September 7  Action: volunteers needed
  • LGBTQ Seniors presentation on October 4 (collaboration with Camrose Seniors Coalition)
    • Two part event:
      1. Part 1 is a private lunch with Michael Pfair as a safe space to ask questions
      2. Discussion about how to get the word out
      3. 1:30 – 3:30 presentation in the Rosehaven auditorium targeted at people who work in the Seniors’ facilities
  • Provincial Conference possibilities (altView and ISMSS taking the lead)
    • Mid October hosted at Augustana
    • Panel discussions and round tables about LGBTQ issues
    • Primarily for organizations but open to individuals as well
    • Looking for a diverse range of organizations and individuals to enrich and network in the rural areas
    • More information will be forthcoming as the details are solidified
  • Journey towards registering as a Not-for profit Organization
  • Wayne, Gus and Carol will look into the logistics
  • altView has offered their documentation that can be adapted
  • We don’t want to miss out on funding opportunities.
  • Consensus is for the organization to move forward with the Not for Profit Registration Action: Gus, Wayne and Carol to start the process with support of altView

Final announcements or other business

    • Safe to Be Me: Weekly Open Art Therapy Group at Haven Art Therapy Studio à there are some small scholarships available for those to whom the registration fee may be a barrier
    • The Alberta Foundation for the Arts has funding available for LGBTQ programming that we could explore in partnership with someone like Nikki
    • Diane McLaren has funding through the Family Violence Action Society to facilitate 2 Expressive Arts sessions with AQUA and Camrose Pride Community
    • Amielle introduced the “hot off the press” Anaqueers Volume I, Issue I a zine, hand printed and hand coloured by Ehren and Amielle
      • They are available at Quantum Comics and the Camrose Public Library!
    • Pride t-shirts have been ordered and will be here in time for the BBQ

Next Regular Meeting on July 3 at 6:00 p.m.

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