November 6, 2017 Meeting Notes


7 present; Gus chaired the meeting.

Action items are in purple

  1. Sharing and Connection à wonderful time of sharing what is going on in our lives
  2. Review of most recent events
    1. Status of Queer Conference: Good responses anecdotally from participants; more conferences are being planned (see 5 e and f)
    2. All Ages Dance Party:125-150 in attendance; lots of families and children in attendance
    3. espressOUT in the Augustana Forum: continues to be a good place to host espressOUT
  3. Financial statement: will be updated when the bills for the Dance Party are paid; a small grant will be received from CDSS for the upcoming year; CDSS is willing to continue being the banker
  4. Upcoming Events
    1. Expressions of Community on November 27 @ 6:30-9:30
      1. Preregistration required – 11 confirmed; Jen will contact the facilitator with the preregistration numbers
    2. Family and Friends Support Group: local support groups will be listed on the new parent support website that altView is launching soon (see 5d)
    3. espressOUT in the Augustana Forum Nov. 20 5:00 – 6:30 pm
    4. Holiday Potluck and Family Dance Party Dec. 4 @ 6:00 pm
      1. Invite family and friends – spread the word!
      2. Planning
        1. Potluck helpers-Liz will be the kitchen supervisor
        2. Program helpers-Box game: Gus
        3. Decorations-Keep it simple; tablecloths; twinkle lights: Margaret and Carol will be responsible; borrow small tree and lights from Carl
        4. Music for Dance Party-Gus and Jordan will work on a playlist
  5. Other items for discussion
    1. Pride Week at Augustana and in the Community
      1. Who is willing to work on planning committee for this? Wayne
      2. There is an LGBTQ+ Council has been formed to plan Pride Week; they will be meeting in December
      3. Pride Week will be held from February 26 to March 2; the Bailey Theatre has been booked for March 2 for So You Think You Can Drag
    2. Pursuing Not for Profit Status-Use the template from the Corporate Registry; Margaret will get the paperwork collected; we will start simply and then modify and revise from there
    3. Other items from the group
  • altView will be launching a new website to support parents in supporting their LGBTQ+ children; this has transpired out of their work with the Government on Bill 24! Way to go altView!
  • altView is planning another conference in May in Edmonton with ISMSS and the Government of Alberta focused upon supporting parents
  • The next Status of Queer Conference will be held somewhere in rural Alberta in the third week of September 2018; location to be determined
  • Jen has been working on the resources section on the website and has the links working; test out the links and report any problems with links
  • The Google Calendar will be uploaded to the website.
  • Thank you notes for those who helped with the All Ages Dance Party will be sent shortly; Carol will write them and Jen will deliver them
  • There is a new doctor in town at the Smith Clinic who is accepting new patients of all ages and sexual orientations! Dr. Charley Boyd is now practicing medicine in Camrose!

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