March 2023-Camrose Pride Meeting Minutes

Camrose Pride – AGM – Minutes

Date: Monday, March 13, 2023   

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm    Place: ONLINE ZOOM 

Attendees: Nikki, Candy, Kendra, Stephen, Rose, Teri, Zee, Ray, Megan, Louis.

  1. Call to Order 1837 by Nikki
  1. Confirm quorum – Yes.
  1.  Introductions
  2. Opening remarks from current Chairs
  • COVID had a great impact on the group, outlook is positive.
  • It’s been an adventurous 5 years.
  • Thanks to Nikki and Candy for all their work on the board and leadership.
  1. Audited Financial Statements


An adjustment to take place – petty cash will be corrected to $500.

Motion to approve financials with adjustment to petty cash as presented made by: Nikki Featherstone Seconded: Stephen Mckenzie-Campeau. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to remove Nikki Featherstone and Candy Morningway from signing authority by: Raymond Mitchel, Second Terri Lindquist. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to add Stephen Mckenzie-Campeau, Megan Tronson, Raymond Mitchell to signing authority by: Jessica Doucette, Second Nikki Featherstone. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Elections – See By-Laws on the next page
  1. Co-Chair (2 year term):

Nominations: Megan Tronson

Accepted: Megan Tronson accepted nomination

Elected: Megan Tronson

  1. Treasurer (2 year term)

Nominated: Raymond Mitchell

Accepted: Raymond Mitchell accepted nomination

Elected: Raymond Mitchell

  1. 3 Members-at-large (1 General, 1 Social Media Coordinator, 1 Youth Council – all 1-year terms)

Social Media Coordinator (1 year term)

Nominated: Louis Ducsharm

Accepted: Louis Ducsharm accepted nomination

Elected: Louis Ducsharm

General Member (1 year term)

Nominated: Terri Lindquist

Accepted: Terri Lindquist accepted nomination

Elected: Terri Lindquist

Youth Council (1 year term)

Nominated: Zainab (Zee) Yekeen

Accepted: Zainab (Zee) Yekeen accepted nomination

Elected: Zainab (Zee) Yekeen

Camrose PRIDE Executive 2023:

  • Stephen Mckenzie-Campeau – Chair
  • Megan Tronson – Co-Chair
  • Raymond Mitchell – Treasurer
  • Jessica Doucette – Secretary
  • Zainab (Zee) Yekeen – Youth Council
  • Louis Ducsharm – Social Media Coordinator
  • Terri Lindquist – General Member
  1. New Business
    1.  Direction for 2023
  • Dance party – date needed for Carmen and then we can plan next meeting – June 2023
  • BVJ parade – do we want to participate?
  • Fundraising – events need support to keep going. Community Dinner fundraiser and silent auction – made $50 000+ – profit was $36 000. Augustana just did “So You Think You Can Drag” with great success. A performance may go over well. 
  • We need another zoom account – we can use the library account through Louis. 
  • Meeting dates can change if required – next meeting Monday April 10, 2023, 1830.

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