April 8 Meeting Agenda

Camrose Pride Community
April 8, 2019 Meeting Agenda
6-8 pm
Camrose Public Library in the Bunker

  1. Introductions
  2. Leadership Team Positions open:
    • Need Position descriptions so we can advertise to the community what/who we are looking for
      • Secretary – position description?
      • Treasurer – position description?
        • Bank Account – Margaret H. is willing to continue being the banker for CPC through CDSS for the current time and work with a new Treasurer – would be best for CPC to open its own bank account before end of 2019
    • Any other positions that are needed for when CPC gets its Society designation? Leadership Team will become the Volunteer Board of Directors
      • Nikki, as a paid employee of the altView Foundation is to support the Leadership Team/Board, but cannot be actually on said Team/Board
  3. Banker, Margaret H. away from May 27 to July 7th, which puts the funds for the BBQ and any preparing for the parade float during that time, out of reach. How will we navigate this?
    • Nikki, in her altView role, is willing to keep a CPC petty cash during this time, if that is something the Leadership Team feels is the right way forward
    • Any other ideas?
  4. Financial Report – Margaret H.
  5. Update on Society status – Gus
    • Have we heard anything? Should we contact them?
  6. Storage for CPC items
    • Where are CPC items located now?
      • Event items are where – parade float, BBQ, table-top display, etc.?
      • Nikki has possession of binders, flash drive with files from Carol, package of printing paper
      • Do we need to plan for a permanent storage solution for parade float items, BBQ items, etc.?
  7. Upcoming events and plans
    • BBQ in June
      • BBQ Date suggested by Nikki (heading Planning Committee) – June 15th (Saturday); This is the weekend after Edmonton Pride week, so flows well, and won’t be in competition with their events for our members who want to attend
      • Is there a favoured location to host the BBQ this year?
      • Need members to join the Planning Committee
      • Do we have a budget for this? Last year’s BBQ cost $556
    • Big Valley Jamboree Parade in August –  
      • Planning committee headed by Amielle – any news?
      • Do we have a budget for this? Do we know what we spent last year?
  8. Discussion of Symposium – Melissa W. – What went well, what lessons and feedback
  9. Discussion of All Ages and Stages Dance and Cabaret – what went well, lessons learned, feedback – what should we do differently for future fundraisers?
  10. Upcoming Regular Meetings:
    • espressOUT on April 29th, 5:30-7:00 p.m. Where should we hold espressOUT in April? The Forum? Off campus in a coffee shop? Where?
    • Friends and Family Meeting at the Camrose Public Library in the Bunker on the first Monday of the month (May 6) 6-8 p.m.
    • Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection at the Camrose Public Library in the Bunker on the second Monday of the month (May 13) 6-8 p.m
      • *Nikki will assist the Leadership Team with the creation of an agenda for this meeting, but cannot attend – Amielle can you take notes again?
  11. Sharing Circle

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