Feb. 10, 2020

Camrose Pride Community
Date: Monday, Feb.10, 2020    
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm   
Place: Augustana Library, Room A
Attendance: Gus B., Zach S., Amielle C., Nikki F., Candy M., Stephen C.
Regrets: Lucas H., Robyn G.

  1. Introductions
  2. Financial Report / Bank Account
    1. Financials were emailed to Lucas and Nikki and Lucas has shared to Google Drive as CPS Balance Sheet.
    2. Candy has created a balance sheet – which is what she will work off every meeting; there will be a ledger for each individual item purchased. 
    3. We have the main account and the petty cash account. 
    4. Candy has now paid Lucas for fall family activities and has paid Nikki for Pride hockey tape. 
    5. CPC will have outstanding/upcoming commitments (such as Pride Week, Pride in the Park, etc.) 
    6. Pride in the Park 2019 made: $281.15 (costs were covered with donations and gift cards from the grocery stores).
    7. We now have a standard form to be presented at each meeting that everyone can understand. 
    8. Candy’s work will contribute to the corporate knowledge and access to information and continuity of CPC, as outlined as a goal of CPC. She and the rest of the CPC will work to create financial policies and procedures for the future so whoever is in the Treasurer’s place knows what’s what and what the procedures are.
    9. Status will change the way we bank (non-profit; two people per cheque).
    10. Nikki will send Candy a copy of incorporation to take the bank to update our bank account.
    11. Candy will write cheque for a down payment for our upcoming event.
  3. Society Status and AGM
    1. Congratulations to all our hard work: we have status!
    2. We need an AGM to change those bylaws that were submitted that now need changing. 
    3. AGM is supposed to be first Monday of February; Nikki suggests that March meeting will be AGM to change bylaws. 
    4. CPC needs to choose when our AGM will be in the future
    5. AGM is actually when we look at our audits, which take about 3-6 months after 
    6. We will be doing unofficial audits, as we mature, and we want to be sure that whoever the treasurer is has time to submit paperwork. 
    7. AGM is to have the most number of community people in attendance; could be attached to an event (maybe Pride in the Park?). 
  4. Strategic Planning 
    1. There was a recap of our Strategic Planning Session
    2. Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Values
      1. Vision Statement: Creating safe and inclusive communities for everyone.
      2. Mission Statement: CPC’s mission is to create space for wellness through providing opportunities for education, collaboration, and engagement.
      3. We would like to create feedback form on these to be sent out to the community.
      4. We will spend the next year solidifying our value statements.
      5. Afterwards, we will work on our five year plan. Nikki presented and will make available for members of the exec to read in-depth; she will put in the google drive for people to access
      6. We will continue this conversation in March.
      7. Forecast what goals from the strat plan we want to start with first
    3. Our Calendar Year
      1. AGM date
      2. Forecast Event dates
    4. Yearly Events
      1. Pride in the Park
      2. Fall Ball – tentatively
    1. Events
      1. Pride in the Park
      2. Fall Family Dance – tentatively 
        1. Tentatively October 24, 2020
        2. Halloween Masquerade Ball theme
        3. Zach will book the Bailey Theatre for October 24
      3. Fall Ball – Zach’s Drag Show we support
      4. BVJ Parade float
      5. Reading with Royalty
    2. We hope to get an official calendar to set up events for the coming years.
    3. Events need sub-committees to help with organization and cohesion.
  5. Fundraising Opportunities
    1. Queer Paint Nights at Fox and Fable or Brewhouse with Nikki and Zach
    2. Vendors at Pride in the Park to charge for tables
    3. Collaboration
      1. Cat Shelter: adoption event
    4. Booth for Pride Week
      1. selling clothing, binders, tapes, trans inclusive clothing
  6. United Church Meeting
    1. Lucas was unable to attend
    2. Candy met with Colleen and Brian who have a clear mission: strong connections to queer community because of familial relations.
    3. United Church wants to
      1. ensure they are socially aware
      2. create intentionality of perspectives and respect
      3. create safe spaces and related permanent signage
      4. create all-genders/non-gendered washrooms
      5. ‘normalize’ queerness in faith-spaces
      6. create visual awareness of support, especially outside (through rainbows on the bench outside, perhaps) 
      7. create strategies to deal with issues like the BVJ signs
      8. share resources between community groups
      9. use the rainbow more in advertising
      10. continue communication and develop even stronger rapport with queer community groups
    4. United is one of three affirming churches in Camrose, and they’d like that to be promoted. Affirmation is a lengthy process that shows dedication to queer community. This includes training of leaders and bestwos an ‘Affirming Spiritual Organization’ sticker. 
    5. Nikki suggests the creation and inclusion of United in a community diversity committee, which they are open to.
  7. Upcoming Events and Plans
    1. CPC is invited to the Vikings hockey game on Feb. 29th
    2. Pride Week Committee Update (Augustana) – Amielle
      1. Schedule of events is available on social media.
      2. Nikki gave Amielle box of pride tape for hockey games.
      3. Lucas will drop off CPC tri-fold for the hockey game on Saturday February 29th.
      4. Are GSAs/QSAs contacted about these events? 
  8. Upcoming Regular Meetings
    1. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      1. March 9, 2020, Augustana Library, 6:30 pm
    2. EspressOUT
      1. Monday, Feb. 24, 2020 5:30pm to 6:30pm – then moving on to Anthony & James speaking at the Augustana Chapel (begins at 7pm) – tickets are between $5-$15 and are on sale now!
      2. Location: Camrose Coffee
      3. Alternate Location if ever needed: BP’s Lounge
    3. Friends and Family Meeting
      1. Next meeting is March 2nd, 2020
      2. 1st Monday of every month, Irving Room at the Library, 6:30pm-8 (new start time)
  9. Sharing Circle

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