Camrose Pride

Date: Monday, January 10, 2021

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Place: Online

Attendees: Nikki, Jessica, Candy, Teri, Raymond, Gus, Charissa

Regrets: Justin, Alex, Stephen,

  1. Call to order/Introductions/Check in
    1. Called to order by Nikki at 1836
  2. Financial Report
    1. bank fee only
    2. $2,285.53 – report attached
  1. Old Business

3.1 Conversion Therapy Ban

3.1.1 Federal Criminal Code Passed

3.1.2 Discussion

  • May make things harder for municipalities to support own ban as it is now federal criminal code – they won’t see the value or need
  • Law needs to be analyzed as to what it really means
  • Will need more backing to gather real support
  • Attitude is that if there’s a problem take it to court
  • Regrouping needed around our approach
  • Still need formal municipal support
  • We should not stop moving it forward – would be ideal to find a council member champion
  • Public knowledge around federal vs provincial vs municipal laws to support the federal movement
  • We should review the law to see what is missing, what is strong and what could be clarified.
  • Making people aware that this does happen here and what it is
  • Support individual knowledge and awareness – beyond municipal
  • Urgency of getting it done has eased – we have more time, decreased pressure
  • Because we’ve initiated this we need to have a public presence to provide a person centered approach

            3.1.2 – Data

  • Gathering data is still critical
  • Community members need to know that it does happen here and where it’s happening and how
  • Understanding Conversion Therapy practices
  • Opportunity to gather real good data
  • Education of ourselves as to why it needs to be on a provincial and municipal level so we can educate others/families/community
  • Personal story collection is critical to show the critical impact
  • Connect back with Dr. Wells, No Conversion Canada
  • Charissa has access to U of A data
  • Qualitative research could start with conversations
  • Data has to be stored in a safe place


  • Nikki will contact Dr. Wells about research – methodology, ethics, best practices and movement forward.

3.2 Revised ACTION plan (refer to agenda for detailed action items)

  • Crowdsource funding plan from AB government and the gov’t will match an amount of the donations
  • Can we do it under No Conversion Canada umbrella
  • CIP grant available – matching dollars
  • We have to be careful with government funding due to loopholes
  • City of Camrose may have funding available – community grant and arts and culture grant
  • CDSS – possible source, limited amounts
  • May want to include youth development piece as well
  • Need a youth rep on the board


  • Candy to explore local grants- to support research and events for Pride month
  • Jess to explore other sources of funding
  • Charissa explore how many QSA’s are in the school division
  • Touch base before next meeting
  • Anyone who can chat with council , go ahead 🙂 
  • Step 3 of action plan
    • Gather data on occurrence and impact of Conversion ‘Therapy’ Practices in Camrose and area; contact other communities who have passed their by-law and inquire around where/how they gathered data on this
    • Self education in our group about the federal ban
  • Question
    • What is our mission statement around this? How do we get people to be accountable for their actions? Christian church lack of responsibility and accountability.
    • Some discomfort in the group regarding certain organizations
    • Abusers will ignore it
    • Goal – advocating for our right to exist
    • Goal – knowing what is a Conversion practice and sharing that knowledge
  1. New Business

4.1 AGM – due first quarter, March 14 meeting.

  • Follow AGM with strategic planning session – update and refocus existing strategic plan

4.2 Spring/Summer Events – Monthly review to see what we are doing in June 2022

4.3 School Update

 – Students don’t see it as a big deal, and want to continue with clubs and extracurricular activities.

– The current group needs more support and safety then the past groups (previous was more involved in advocacy)

– Division is supporting their capacity through QSA at some schools in the division.

– New division Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator is heading up QSA groups and supporting trans students

  • Hays Lakes has an active QSA
  • Conference reinforced the legalities around QSA – schools have to support development
  • Most parents DO support safe space for students in the school
  • Alt View is able to support rural development of QSA
  1. Standing Items

5.1 Monthly Meetings – next meeting Feb 14 – reschedule? – moved to Feb 7, 2022

5.2 ExpressOUTSIDE – TBD, COVID dependent

5.3 Friends and Family Support Group – Running online, first Wednesday of every month – contact Andrea Dyck for info:

  1. Adjournment and check out

Adjourned by Nikki – 1944

Camrose Pride

Date: Monday, October 18, 2021  
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm    Place: ONLINE ZOOM
Attendees: Nikki F, Ray M, Charissa S, Jessica D, Christina R, Stephen CM, Candy M, Gus B
Guest: Carol B

Agenda ItemMinutes
Call to OrderMeeting called to order at 1834 by Chair: Nikki F
Financials Provided by Treasurer Candy M:   $3.75 for bank fees Last month account increased by $50 through community donation One expense in for $50 for Nikki   $2200 and change
Carol B – Presenting on Sahakarini opportunity for CPCWhat is Sahakarini ? non government organization in Camrose An east Indian word that means cooperation or working across
founded in 1979 – original members were missionaries
Mission – to help the poorest of the poor in developing countries to do their best in life History: Once a year does fund raisers – historical – one way they auction off a pair of sandals from the founders, year for a year and add to the history of the shoes – i.e. you take the sandals with you as you travel
Water filtration in Kenya
Projects in central America
Supports about 3-4 projects per year
One main event – a dinner with the sandal auction   Proposal: This year – opened up to groups to use for once a week to increase awareness and passion for their cause. Keep sandals in Camrose and per week a groups can have the sandals and show the travels through Camrose. (52 weeks).
Link between CPC – and Sahakarini are to cross boundaries and supporting people
Carol would like to connect the groups and support each other in the community, have some mutual dialogue. Maybe in the future the two groups can connect and support alignment and cooperation.
Proposal for CPC to have sandals in June to support Pride month
Carol has already made the donation on behalf of CPC  

CONVERSATION: Idea – Fireside stories in our sandals with the sandals.  
Conversion Therapy Ban By-law – Pledge & Election Update  Revisit ACTION PLAN
COMPLETED: Step One – first draft of Letter to the City of Camrose – an invitation to join us/champion the process to pass the bylaw against Conversion “Therapy”/Torture. COMPLETED: Step TwoCreate Pledge and sent to those running for Municipal Election in City of Camrose:
5 candidates returned signed pledges.
4-5 candidates contacted CPC wishing to meet and discuss the pledge but as request was very clear, meetings were deferred until after election. Some misunderstood that a federal ban was already through – corrected and educated on process or legislation. _______________________________________________________ Step Three: Begin canvasing other supports within Camrose:
Create a new Pledge for agencies and businesses, psychologists and therapists, parents, family members, affirming churches/pastors, school boards, Augustana, organizations, Camrose Library, shelters, individuals citizens etc., to sign in support of the bylaw. This will provide more support, awareness and active support for change.
Ask for permission to have names of signees visible so we can create more support and encouragement of others
Give a snapshot of info to give to people about the Conversion Therapy Ban by-law        

Ministries: Affirming ministry – first approach and have them take to ministerial meeting and have leaders of the faith take to their people. Some legwork with religious groups already done on national level. Some delay since COVID in 2019 – United Church still gives the impression of support but how are they navigating congregational services?
Each faith group will have to approach individually since they are all so diverse and different – same faiths do not necessarily practice the same between congregations (i.e. Lutheran).
CPC is not alone – use our resources, affirming churches, No Conversion Canada, Pam Rocker etc….  

Survivors: Be aware of the constant attitude and subtle ways that people have been controlled, abused and oppressed as we move forwards.
Create a call out to any survivors in our area who may want to come forward – providing supports is critical
Please ensure CPC members are taking care of themselves  

ACTION: All members start identifying humans and groups to approach and have some conversations Nikki and Candy will develop the next community pledge for Conversion Therapy Ban  

Step Four: Contact Council members:
Who got elected – then see who we have that was supportive
Have to have in community support not just outside but can use the great work done by No Conversion Canada to assist in this process Develop a multi-level support to make this a fabric of Camrose society and a deeper understanding of what this means

New council is encouraging – new minds and new ideas, timing could be advantageous.  

Step Five: Take by-law proposal to Council
Looking Forward – Fall & Winter EventsPaused, COVID 4th wave  
Regular MeetingsRegular monthly Board Meeting
Monday, Nov. 8th, 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location: online zoom

Solstice Fire at Gus’ to be discussed  

EspressOUTSIDE TBD – Paused – Covid 4th wave  

Friends and Family Support Group
Running online, first Wednesday of every month – contact Andrea Dyck for info:  
AdjournmentNikki Featherstone adjourned meeting at 1936

AGM March 8th, 2021

Camrose Pride Community
Annual General Meeting
Date: Monday, March 8, 2021    
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm    Place: Online Zoom Meeting

Executive Leadership:
Lucas H (he/him) – Secretary
Candy M (she/her) – Treasurer
Robyn G (she/her) – Member-at-Large
Stephen M (he/him) – Member-at-Large


Gus B (he/him) – Co-chair 1
Zach S (he/him) – Co-chair 2

Nikki F (she/her)

Tessa (they/them)
Sam (she/them)
Teri (she/her)
Janna (she/her)
Brae (she/her)
Charissa (she/her)
Sophie (they/them) – AltView Foundation
Ray (he/him)
Jessica (she/her)
Andrew (he/him)

  1. CALL TO ORDER – Nikki F
  1. The Annual General Meeting was called to order at 6:39pm on Monday, March 8, 2021 by Nikki F with opening remarks.
    1. Nikki F. relays that Gus B. and Zach S. send their regrets.
  2. Quorum is achieved.
  3. There were introductions.
MOTION: Stephen M That CPC Executive approve the agenda with the following amendments: There are two co-chair positions and a member-at-large position up for nominations, as well. SECONDED: Charissa CARRIED
    1. The balance sheet and RBC statements have been made available to CPC Executives.
    2. 2020 financial statements were audited by Robyn G. and Stephen M. Thank you for your time.
    3. We had applied for a grant to further our strategic goals, but unfortunately we were not successful.
MOTION: Charissa  That the audited financial report be approved as reported. SECONDED: Lucas
MOTION: Candy   That the two auditors of the financial statements for the AGM selected be two community members. SECONDED: Charissa CARRIED
    1. Board Positions
      1. Gus B will not stand again for his position as Co-chair 1 and Lucas H will not stand again for his position as Secretary. Zach S will step down as Co-chair 2.
      2. There were no nominations for co-chair 2 and this position will remain open for nomination  during a general meeting in the future. If you know of interested community members, please direct them to the CPC.
MOTION: Robyn G   That Nikki F be elected as Co-chair 1.SECONDED: Lucas H
MOTION: Stephen M. That Robyn G. be elected as Secretary. SECONDED: Nikki F CARRIED
MOTION: Stephen M  That Stephen M be elected as Member-at-Large. SECONDED: Nikki F CARRIED
MOTION: Candy M  That Janna F be elected as Member-at-Large. SECONDED: Nikki F CARRIED
MOTION: Candy M That one Member-at-Large is a liaison for the proposed Youth Council as Representative. SECONDED: Nikki F
MOTION: Candy M   That Sam K be elected as Member-at-Large – Youth Council Representative. SECONDED: Nikki F CARRIED
  1. Youth Council
    1. CPC hopes to begin establishing a Youth Council to collaborate with and include younger members. This Youth Council would nominate an Executive Member-at-Large as Youth Council Representative with voting rights.
  2. Faith Community Relationships
    1. CPC hopes to continue with our strong relationship with the United Church.
  3. Safe Space Program
    1. CPC hopes to create a Safe Space program for business to evaluate and instill business practices that support the queer community in Camrose and area. 
  1. YOUTH COUNCIL 2021 – Candy M
    1. There has been increasing interest in a permanent Youth Council.
    2. We want to ensure that all members of our community have a voice, and we have found that young people through schools and smaller communities in our area would like be engaged more.
    3. Sam K. is co-president with another CCHS (Camrose Composite High School) student and would like to engage the CCHS with the CPC.
      1. The CCHS QSA (Queer-Straight Alliance) has been putting up posters to educate fellow students.
      2. The CCHS QSA has been planning a fundraising for the Open Door.
      3. Their mission is to create a positive and safe environment both within the school and outside of the school, regardless of the student’s home circumstances.
      4. It is important that LGBTQIA+ identified youth have spaces that they feel safe within, that are not taken over by other diversity initiatives.
    4. We would like to have more involvement between QSAs and CPC through this Youth Council. 
    5. CPC’s strategic plan from 2020 strived to have a member from the Youth Council as an executive member from the CPC, which we will move forward with in 2021.
    6. There are concerns that the pandemic has prevented students from important face-to-face interactions. 
    7. The QSA meets every Thursday at CCHS. 
    8. The responses from the community survey may have venues where the Youth Council can take charge. 
    9. There are not a lot of queer role models in the community for the QSA to witness.
      1. We would like to support intergenerational community relationships.
    10. There are many QSAs in Edmonton and area communities. Our Youth Council and QSAs could get support from these other organizations. 
    11. Our AltView guest Sophie P would love to be involved in supporting this Youth Council.
    12. There was also conversation about talking to Camp fYrefly and Camp Dragonfly.
MOTION: Candy M   That CPC support queer youth in the development of a Youth Council. SECONDED: Nikki F
    1. Candy M presented information for everyone on conversion therapy in Canada and Alberta with a slideshow. Thank you.
    2. Norm Mayer, current mayor, has expressed his support. We would like/need a champion on the city council. 
    3. While there is talk at the federal level about a conversion therapy, it is not in place yet, and having a municipal bylaw would strengthen the ban regardless of who controls the federal government.
    4. We want to ensure that our community is engaged in getting involved in the ban. 
      1. The more communities and community members we have voicing their support, the stronger it would be. 
    5. The fight is worthy of the time and effort, so we will continue to do research and see what our communities are doing. 
    6. Pam Rocker, queer faith community worker, and Dr. Glynnis Lieb, Executive Director of iSMSS and one of the members of the now-dissolved conversion therapy working group have both expressed support for the CPC’s initiative.
    7. We would like to send out a letter for the opinions of the Camrose County Council and surrounding municipalities’ councils. Charissa S. can also reach out to some interoffice agencies.
    8. CPC will draft a letter to send out to interested parties.
    1. Review of 2020
      1. We did what we felt we were able within the emotional constraints of the pandemic. 
      2. Pride Outside – Nature Hikes
      3. ExpressOUTside! – Monthly Nature Walks
      4. Reading with Royalty – Virtual Edition
      5. Augustana 2020 Pride Week (pre-pandemic)
      6. Moments of Pride – June/Pride Month
      7. Camrose Women’s Shelter – 16 Days of Gender Based Violence Awareness Partnership
    1. We want to formalize the strategic plan to publish and share with the community.
      1. Jessica D., our guest from Drayton Valley, is happy to help with strategic planning as well as she is familiar with the process. 
    2. Andrew, our medical professional/student guest, has shared information on an Alberta Doctor’s grant that he is willing to help with. 
    3. Survey Results
      1. Respondents included 9 from our email group and 3 from our Facebook group.
        1. Survey Monkey produced more responses than previous attempts with Google Forms.
      2. What in-person events would you attend, once it is safe to do so?
        1. Family Queer Dance
        2. Pride in the Park
        3. Online Trivia/Name that Tune
        4. Fire Pits
        5. Pride Hikes
        6. Drag Shows
        7. Low Energy – High Reward Commitments
      3. Online Workshops Ideas
        1. Trans Makeup
        2. Drag Makeup
        3. Expanding Community
        4. Queer History
        5. Mythology
        6. Queer Identities
        7. Gatekeeping/Autonomy/Othering
      4. It would be nice to include people outside of our immediate known people.
      5. If you have further comments, please contact the
    1. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      1. Monday, April 12th, 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
      2. Location: Online Zoom 
    2. EspressOUTside
      1. TBA – weather dependent, resuming in Spring?
    1. Friends and Family Meeting
      1. Monday, April 5th, 2021
      2. Location: Online Zoom Meeting
      3. Please contact Andrea Dyck for details (
    1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:39pm

May 11, 2020 Regular

Date: Monday, May 11th, 2020    
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm    Place: Online
Executive Leadership:
Lucas Hill – Secretary
Candy Morningway – Treasurer
Robyn Gray – Member-at-Large
Nikki Meyer-Featherstone – AltView Liaison
Dawn M
Gus Belcourt – Co-chair 1
Zach Stevens – Co-chair 2
Stephen McKenzie-Comeau – Member-at-Large

  1. CALL TO ORDER – Lucas Hill
    1. The meeting was called to order at 6:34pm on Monday, May 11th, 2020 by Lucas Hill.
    1. We will move forward with the agenda as is, to be approved when we reach quorum.
    1. There are no changes to finances, except bank fees.
    2. Candy M. has sent RBC statement to secretary to be included with minutes.
    1. There have been a lot of changes during the COVID-19 response, but we are here to support each other.
    2. You can find free online support from the federal government at Wellness Together Canada: 
    1. June Pride Month
      1. Instead of our traditional BBQ, for Pride Month we will have a recurring online event titled Moments of Pride via Facebook on Friday evenings featuring videos from community members celebrating pride. People can send their videos to us via published YouTube link, or shareable from Google Drive links. The latest submission deadlines will be Sunday at noon of the week before. If the deadline is missed, it will be added to the next week. 
      2. CPC executive needs to have full admin capacity for the page, which Nikki will arrange. We will do preparatory work ahead of time. 
      3. Our CPC members will produce enough content that something occurs each week, in addition to general community members. We will all act as moderators.
      4. There will be no limits beyond what is allowed on Facebook. If needed, we can put content warnings or disclaimers if needed.
      5. Candy will share the basic FOIP form after editing to be agreed on by the participants when they sign up. 
      6. Moments of Pride Guidelines
        1. What is your story? What is pride to you? What influenced you? What created passion for you? How does your queerness show up in your life? 
        2. All types of expression of welcome! 
        3. Allys welcome to show their allyship!
        4. In supporting inclusivity, including sensory disabilities, Nikki will look into the possibility of auto-generated closed captioning on Facebook, which we will encourage people to use. In addition, to support screen reader use, submitters should include a short summary to describe content and contextualize intention.
        5. Participants should be cognizant of copyright. 
      7. Partnership possibilities:
        1. AltView will support us in any ways that they can.
        2. Wetaskawin Pride Community will be invited as well. Nikki will contact.
        3. Strathmore Pride Community will be invited as well. Nikki will contact. 
        4. Alberta Storytellers will be invited after we have the promotional material is ready. Nikki will share our promotions with Freya.
        5. If you know of further communities that would be a good connection, please do let them know.
        6. Lucas will contact the MHCW about possible inclusion with the QSAs/GSAs in the community. 
      8. Promotional Work:.
        1. Lucas will do a write up for May 15th that will be shared with CPC executive to be start promotion as soon as possible.
        2. Nikki will create a graphic for the promotion.
        3. Candy will share the FOIP form that will be included in promotion.  
        4. Social Media:
          1. Facebook
          2. Instagram
    1. Nikki will follow up with Zach about potential future moves.
    1. Candy has been working on the capacity grant (not a project based grant). The grant can focus on all stages of becoming and expanding capacity of an organization, including with boards, staff, and more. Candy has consulted a lot with Nikki. This grant is specifically for queer communities as well. 
    2. Candy has been looking at our Strategic Planning documents to contextualize the grant application. 
    3. The grant is due this week, which we could receive funding as early as October, 2020 to March, 2022.
    4. Candy has identified our events as community engagement as core capacity building, by learning what our community needs and how we can best support it. 
    5. Nikki has been identified as the Community Liaison Coordinator, as her contract with AltView is done June 15th. 
    6. We could have funding for events, Nikki’s continued work with CPC, training for board members, educating and sticker campaigns, and more! 
    1. Lucas has created a Google Form that can be shared out with our General Membership for input into our Missions, Visions, Value Statements. It can be viewed and shared at:
      2. Lucas will complete with edits by June to be included with Pride Month events.
    1. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      1. Monday, June 8th, 2020 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm Online
    2. EspressOUT
      1. Monday, May 25th, 2020 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm Online
    3. Friends and Family Meeting
      1. Summer Break – Restarting in October
    1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:07pm.

March 9, 2020 AGM

Camrose Pride Community
Annual General Meeting
Date: Monday, March 9, 2020   
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm    Place: Augustana Library, Room B

Executive Leadership:
Agustus Belcourt – Co-chair 1
Zach Stevens – Co-chair 2
Lucas Hill – Secretary
Candy Morningway – Treasurer
Robyn Gray – Member-at-Large
Amielle Christopherson – Member-at-Large
Stephen McKenzie-Comeau
Nikki Meyer-Featherstone – The altView Foundation Liaison

  1. CALL TO ORDER – Gus Belcourt
  2. The Annual General Meeting was called to order at 6:32pm on Monday, March 9, 2019 by Gus Belcourt.
MOTION: Gus Belcourt    That CPC Executive approves the agenda, as presented. SECONDED: Robyn Gray CARRIED
  • 4. FINANCIAL REPORT – Candy Morningway
    • a) The balance sheet and RBC statements have been made available to CPC Executives, and RBC Wave has been utilized to categorize all expenses and create reports.
    • b) A petty cash amount of $368.00 has been made available.
    • c) The General Ledger has been received with a total of $1,952.53 less $133 outstanding fees to be paid.
    • d) Please see attached Financial Reports.
MOTION: Candy Morningway    That financial report be approved as reported. SECONDED: Zach Stevens
MOTION: Candy Morningway    That the two auditors of the financial statements for the AGM selected be the two members-at-large. SECONDED: Nikki Meyer-Featherstone CARRIED
MOTION: Candy Morningway    That approval be made that those elected into executive positions be added to the RBC account with signing authority. SECONDED: Lucas Hill CARRIED
    • a) Board Positions
      • Gus Belcourt will continue in his position as Co-chair 1 and Lucas Hill will continue in his position as Secretary.
MOTION: Nikki Featherstone    That Zach Stevens be elected as Co-chair 2. SECONDED: Gus Belcourt
MOTION: Lucas Hill    That Candy Morningway be elected as Treasurer. SECONDED: Zach Stevens CARRIED
MOTION: Lucas Hill    That Robyn Gray be elected as Member-at-Large. SECONDED: Nikki Meyer-Featherstone CARRIED
  MOTION: Lucas Hill    That Stephen McKenzie-Comeau be elected as Member-at-Large SECONDED: Nikki Meyer-Featherstone
  • 6. Bylaws – Amendments
MOTION: Zach Stevens    That the following amendments to the Camrose Pride Society Bylaws be enacted:   II.b:
Original: Any LGBTQ2S+ person and/or ally residing in Camrose, Alberta and the surrounding area who is at least 18 years of age shall be deemed a member of the Society by permitting their name to be included on the member-ship list, and by paying the membership fee, if any, as may be determined by the Society at a general meeting.
Amended: Any LGBTQ2S+ person and/or ally residing in Camrose, Alberta and the surrounding area shall be deemed a member of the Society by permitting their name to be included on the member-ship list as may be determined by the Society at a general meeting.

Original: The board shall be comprised of no more than seven and no fewer than five members. Quorum shall be three members (if a five-member board) or four members (if a seven-member board). Term of office shall be two years. Board members may serve a maximum of two, two-year terms unless the majority of Society members approve an additional term.
Amended: The board shall be comprised of no more than seven and no fewer than five members. Quorum shall be three members (if a five-member board) or four members (if a seven-member board). Term of office shall be two years. Board members may serve a maximum of two, two-year terms unless the majority of Society members approve an additional term. Elections will be held on alternating years with even-numbered years pertaining to Co-chair 2 and Treasurer and odd-numbered years pertaining to Co-chair 1 and Secretary. Members-at-Large will be annually elected, with a stated minimum of two Members-at-Large. V.c: Original: A person appointed or elected a director becomes a director if they were present at the annual meeting when being appointed or elected and did not refuse the appointment or election. They may also become a director if they were not present at the meeting but consented in writing to act as a director before the appointment or election.
Amended: A person appointed or elected a director becomes a director if they were present at the annual meeting when being appointed or elected and did not refuse the appointment or election. They may also become a director if they were not present at the meeting but consented in writing to act as a director before the appointment or election. Directors must be of majority of age to be elected.   IX.a:
Original: The Society annual meeting shall be held on the first Monday of February in each year, of which notice by email to the last known address of each member shall be delivered no less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the meeting. At this meeting there shall be elected two Co-Chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer and up to three directors. Those so elected shall form the Board of Directors and shall serve until their successors are elected at a subsequent Annual Meeting. Any vacancy occurring during the year shall be filled as soon as possible by the remaining Board members for ratification at the next Society meeting.
Amended: The Society annual meeting shall be held during the first quarter of each calendar year, of which notice by email to the last known address of each member shall be delivered no less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the meeting. At this meeting there shall be elected two Co-Chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer and up to three directors. Those so elected shall form the Board of Directors and shall serve until their successors are elected at a subsequent Annual Meeting. Any vacancy occurring during the year shall be filled as soon as possible by the remaining Board members for ratification at the next Society meeting.

Original: Quorum: Twelve members in good standing, of which five may be a member of an associate member group or agency, shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Society.
Amended: Quorum shall be three members (if a five-member board) or four members (if a seven-member board).

Original: Any member, or member of an associate member group or agency, shall have the right to vote at any meeting of the Society. Such votes must be made in person.
Amended: Any member, or member of an associate member group or agency, shall have the right to vote at any meeting of the Society. Votes may take place electronically. Votes may cast between meetings, including electronically, to be ratified at the next meeting.

SECONDED: Candy Morningway CARRIED
  • 7. Calendar Year
    • a) Pride in the Park – Saturday, June 20th
      • CPC hopes to connect with the Art Festival held by the Camrose Art Society and About Time Productions.
      • CPC would like to expand the festivities this year to include vendors, music, performers, and more. Nikki will speak to altView about potential vendors, etc.
      • Insurance for the event was supported financially by Camrose and District Support Services. Nikki Meyer-Featherstone will contact Margaret Holliston at CDSS about potentially offering that support again this year. Candy Morningway says that insurance through foster park for Director and Officer Insurance can be up to $900.
    • b) Reading with Royalty
      • Nicole at the Camrose Public Library said she would love to have additional Queens/Kings for the Court, and Lucas Hill expressed interest in being included.
    • c) BVJ Parade Float – Thursday, July 30th
      • CPC will make a stronger point to walk with partner organizations (Camrose Public Library, About Time Productions, etc.) by meeting up at a specific point and entering together. We may also signal intent to walk together on application, if possible. We will invite the United Church to walk with us as well.
      • CPC would like to create another strong float this year!
      • BVJ Insurance deadline will be in June.
      • CPC will speak to United Church about creating a strong supportive atmosphere for queer celebration at the location of last year’s protest.
    • d) Family Masquerade Ball – Saturday, October 17th
      • Bailey
        • was already booked for the Saturday, October 24th
        • comes with DJ, but a playlist can be included on a USB.
      • We could invite a Drag performer as part of the entertainment, with Halloween theme
      • Prizes will be included for costume categories.
      • Bracelets will be included to make the event available to all ages.

    • e) Strategic Planning Goals for year one
      • CPC hopes to begin establishing a Youth Council to collaborate with and include younger members. This Youth Council would nominate an Executive Voting member as Youth Representative.
      • CPC hopes to continue with our strong relationship with the United Church.
      • CPC hopes to create a Safe Space program for business to evaluate and instill business practices that support the queer community in Camrose and area.
  • 8. Reports of Homophobia
    • a) A business in town has allegedly been involved with a recent homophobic letter/email sent to protest what looked like their support for a recent Pride Week event in the Chamber of Commerce Friday Flyer. Staff from this business are known to have sent past letters protesting CPC and AQUA events, including events Reading with Royalty at the Camrose Public Library. To our knowledge, the Chamber of Commerce has not responded to this recent alleged incident. The Camrose Public Library responds to all protest letters, and has expressed support of the Camrose Pride Community and the wider queer community.

MOTION: Zach Stevens    Zach Stevens will draft a letter to be sent to this business to address allegations of homophobic statements in this last email. The draft letter will be approved by Camrose Pride Community Executive Members before being sent. SECONDED: Lucas Hill CARRIED
  • b) These incidents further support the need for a system of approving business for inclusion in a potential Safe Space program. Nikki Meyer-Featherstone will contact altView about potential training and ideas.
    • a) Mission, Vision, Value statements
      • We will continue to develop our Strategic Goals throughout the year, with collaboration on Mission, Vision, and Value Statements made online. Nikki Meyer-Featherstone has shared those documents with CPC Executive Members. Lucas Hill will create Google Forms to illicit community input.
    • a) Achievements
      • The week was a smashing success enjoyed by all! Best turn out for SYTYCD ever!
    • b) Suggestions
      • Pride Movie should occur earlier than 9:30pm.
      • Locations need to be made more explicit on advertisements
      • More events could take place in the community and outside of Augustana Campus.
      • Flag Raising at Chamber of Commerce should take place later on Monday, or possibly on Sunday to officially begin week.
      • There needs to be more collaboration between Camrose Pride Community, Agustana’s AQUA, and the Pride Committee.
      • Cheques and financial obligations should be written out and dealt with before actual events.
      • Engagement with Battle River School Division’s Queer Straight Alliance was floated as an idea, but did not occur. They should be involved and communicated with more intention in the future.
      • There is a lot of possibility for collaboration with Camrose Public Library.
    • c) CPC’s Role
      • CPC is interested in planning and facilitating So You Think You Can Drag, so to streamline the process and to take some stress away from the Pride Committee/Students. Zach Stevens performing as Robyn Bank$ was considered the contact person by many community members, but was in fact not, and this created miscommunication and confusion, which reflects poorly on CPC and the broader Camrose queer community. The monetary benefits would still be used to support the costs of Pride Week.
    • a)Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      • i)     Monday, April 13th, 2020 at Augustana Library, 6:30pm
    • b) EspressOUT
      • Monday, March 30th, 2020 at Camrose Coffee, 5:30pm to 7:00pm
        • Alternate Location: BP’s Lounge
    • c) Friends and Family Meeting
      • Monday, April 6th, 2020 at the Camrose Public Library – Irving Room, 6:30pm-8:00pm
    • The meeting was adjourned at 8:32pm

Jan. 13, 2020

Camrose Pride Community
Date: Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2020    
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm    Place: Camrose Library, Irving Room
Attendance: Zach S., Gus B., Candy M., Nikki F., Lucas H, Robyn G, Amielle C.

  1. Introductions
  1. Financial Report/Bank Account
    1. The RBC account is open. 
    2. Received funds and last statement from CDSS. Passing to Treasurer to deposit and input into our new accounting spreadsheets.
    3. Online Banking is available to be used.
    4. Candy, our treasurer, has the transfer from CDSS and will deposit it immediately.
      1. The total is $2165.40 (minus one reimbursement o/s).
      2. Candy will get cheques when we receive society status.
      3. There is no report of changing funds.
  1. Society Status
    1. Our society status application came back with minor errors. We have corrected errors in signatures, everyone has signed, and Nikki will resend this week.
  1. Upcoming Events and Plans
    1. Pride Week Committee Update (Augustana) – Amielle C.
  • Bake Sale – Wednesday, February 26th at 11:00am to 3:00pm in the Augustana Forum
    • Candy and Gus agreed (in December) to make some baking for this.
    • If you know of someone else willing to bake and donate, please let them know. 
    • The baking can be anything, but please include ingredient lists.
  • LGBT Trivia – Tuesday, February 25th in the late morning/early afternoon in the Augustana Forum
    • In the past one of the science clubs have done some trivia, but that is quickly becoming dated.
    • AQUA has requested that CPC create questions for this casual trivia.
    • Lucas H. will make make a Google Doc to share with CPC and queer community members to crowd source questions.
    • Questions Possibilities:
      • Pronouns
      • Laws and Legislation
      • History (When did the Stonewall Riot take place? Who threw the first brick?)
      • Acronyms
      • Culture
      • Fetishes
  • Pride Week Committee (PWC): inquires if CPC would be willing to donate some funds to host throughout the week.
    • PWC is hoping to apply for a lot of funds in the coming weeks.
    • CPC may hold off on committing funds until our Strategic Planning meeting.
    • CPC donated $500 last year to Pride Week.
    • There is time to donate up until the event and afterwards for outstanding fees.
  • Key Speakers: James and Anthony from The Amazing Race Canada: Monday, February 24th at 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the Augustana Chapel
    • Tickets will be between $10-$15. AQUA will look into the option of creating donation options for tickets.
    • Students may be free or discounted fee (including primary, secondary, and post-secondary).
  • Pride Movies: Thursday, February 27th at 8:00pm at the Duggan Cinema
    • PWC requests that CPC members check what DVDs they have, as a DVD may be required for Public Performance Rights.
    • DVDs can also be rented from the library or the movie store. If you have suggestions, please forward them to Amielle.
  • Queer Art Making: Thursday, February 27th in the evening, location Wahkohtowin Lodge
  • So You Think You Can Drag: Friday, February 28th from 7:00pm-10:00pm at Bailey Theatre
    • Performers are needed; if you know interested parties, please connect them to Amielle C.
    • Drag attendance has been going up
    • Confirmed professional performers include Edmonton queens Sami, Armani, and Camrose queen Robyn Bank$.
    • AQUA hopes to have the sign-up sheet out by the end of January. 
    • Zach S. will inquire with drag colleagues in Edmonton about attending.
    • Zach will donate some prizes; if you know of other business that may be willing to donate, please connect them with Amielle C.
    • Nikki F informed us that in April the Unitarian Church of Edmon is having an Amateur Drag Show. This may be a good way to connect/cross-promote.
  • There will be QR Codes at all the events; each event attended is an entry to win prizes.
  • Organizations donating include:
    • Poe Da Lue
    • Travelling Tickle Trunk
    • Rebel Ink
  • Hockey Games will take place Sunday, February 23rd to start the week and Saturday, February 29th to end the week.
    • Amielle C. makes a motion for CPC to purchase a roll of pride tape for the Camrose Pride Week Hockey Games
      • Seconded by Nikki
      • Motion Carried
    • Nikki F. Will get Pride Tape for about $136.00/12 rolls and create an Expense Claim.
  • Advertising will begin next week. Please let your friends, family, and colleagues know.
  1. Strategic Planning Meeting: Friday, January 31st from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and Saturday, February 1st (day) (NOTE: LEADERSHIP TEAM ONLY)
    1. Location TBD
    2. Leadership members please consider the following to prepare for the meeting:
      1. What is your vision for Camrose Pride Community in the next:
        1. 1 year?
        2. 5 years?
        3. 10 years?
        4. 20 years?
      2. What changes should be made to our Mission, Vision, and Value Statements?
      3. What future partnerships with what organizations do you envision?
      4. What events or activities would you like to work towards?
  2. Pride in the Park
    1. Camrose Recreation Guide wants March to August activities and was wondering if we had a date for our Pride in the Park
    2. CPC has decided on Saturday, June 20th 2:00pm to 6:00pm at Jubilee Park
      1. This is the same date as Art in the Park, which could increase visibility and create a future partnership.
  1. Meeting Locations: Room at the Library for 2020
    1. Bunker can be booked for most of the year, but not in the summer months (May, June, July, August).
    2. Irving Room is most likely not going to be able to be booked for our meetings this year, with all the other groups in need of it.
    3. The Irving Room is booked for February 10, 2020.
    4. Amielle C. will look into booking conference rooms at Augustana during the summer months.
    5. Amielle C. will look into booking a conference room for our Strategic Planning Session for Friday, January 31st and Saturday, February 1st .
    6. Amielle C. will look into booking student study rooms for meetings in the future. 
  1. United Church
    1. The United Church has requested a follow-up/debriefing on the experience with Pam Rocker.
    2. They are wanting to meet and go through the Church, asking for input on how they can become more PIE (Public, Intentional, Explicit) in their support of the queer community. 
      1. They would like two members of the Pride Community for this
      2. They also want us to potentially bring ideas to them, such as:
        1. What is their advertising like?
    3. AQUA has a Queer Folks of the Bible during Pride Week with Pastor Craig.
      1. Nikki would like to put together an interfaith queer group.
    4. Candy is already there from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Sundays, which may be a good time. Lucas is available on Sundays as well. Nikki will contact about potential Sundays available to the United Church.
  2. Camrose Community Group Grant
    1. Can we meet the deadline, which is Jan. 20? Maybe we should look for the following one in June.
    2. Pride in the Park would fall into the time period, but also would fall in the next granting period’s timeline.
    3. Art Therapy Group: Alberta Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health funded Nikki $2,000 for an art therapy group to be run through Canadian Mental Health for pre-teens to adults. This may be a great opportunity to shore up the necessary funds to start this group.
    4. CPC members are also interested in potentially creating a future ArtHive, which would act as a free art space for community members. 
  1. Upcoming Regular Meetings
    1. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      1. Feb. 10, 2020
        1. Amielle C. will look into finding space.
    2. EspressOUT
      1. Monday, January 27, 2020 5:30pm – 7:00pm
        1. Location: Camrose Coffee
        2. Gus will remind Sarah.
        3. Alternate Location if ever needed: BP’s Lounge
    3. Friends and Family Meeting
      1. Next meeting is Feb. 3rd, 2020
        1. 1st Monday of every month, Irving Room at the Library, 6:30pm-8 (new start time)
  1. Sharing Circle

November 12, 2019

Camrose Pride Community
Date: Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Place: Camrose Public Library Irving Meeting Room

Attendance: Gus B., Nikki F., Lucas H., Stephen, Zack S., Robyn G., Amielle C., Ron

  1. Introductions
  2. Pride Committee Update (Augustana) – Amielle
    1. 2 meetings about Pride Week – February
    2. Mayoral Hall at Augustana booked for the Monday night.
    3. CPC is invited to all events. If you have suggestions for more events, or would like to take part, please contact Amielle C. 
    4. Events:
      1. Bake Sale
      2. So You Think You Can Drag
      3. Pride Photo – Thursday
      4. Tickle Trunk
      5. Art Therapy – Queer Paint Night
      6. Zine Making Workshop
      7. Monday, February 24th at 9:00am at Bill Fowler – Flag Raising (guaranteed every year)
      8. Augustana will also have a flag raising, probably at about 10:00am
      9. Movie at Duggan. If you have suggestions, please give them to Amielle C. 
      10. Pride Hockey Game on first Sunday and last Sunday 
    5. There is another meeting on November 19th. If you’d like to join, please contact Amielle C. 
  3. Augustana Climate Strike
    1. Friday, November 29th, 1:30pm at Camrose City Hall from Augustana Campus.
    2. October’s strike had about 200 people involved.
    3. The strikers will provide actionable points to City Hall. 
    4. Camrose is a Blue Dot city and has goals. 
    5. There will also be a letter writing campaign. If interested, please contact Amielle C. Amielle C. Will give information to Nikki F. To send out to everyone.
  4. Financial Report / Bank Account
    1. Update: Open a Camrose Pride Bank Account & Assign Signing Authority
      1. Appointment made, Nov. 14th at TD Bank, 10am – Nikki & Candy to open account
      2. Minutes from last meeting were signed by signatories. Gus, Zach, Lucas & Candy
        1. They will be provided to the financial institution – Once the bank account is opened, each Signatory will have to go to the bank and sign the bank’s documents. Once this is complete, we can transfer all funds from CDSS, and our Treasurer (Candy) will handle the finances. 
    2. Pastor Deborah has been invoiced from Pam Rocker. 
    3. CPC will pay around $400 for travel expenses to Pam Rocker. 
  5. Upcoming Events and Plans
    1. Fall Family Dance Party – THIS SATURDAY! Nov. 16th, 7-10pm
      1. Tickets – Everyone buy your tickets! And SHARE the event on social media please!
      2. Door Prizes update
        1. Haven – Nikki F.
        2. Rebel Ink – Zach S.
        3. Fox and Fable – Amielle C.
        4. Fika – Amielle C.
        5. Retro – Carmen
        6. Evolve – Zach S.
        7. Duggan Cinema – Zach S.
        8. Trish’s Fashion and Finery – Zach S.
      3. Nikki will be on the country radio station with Ethan on Thursday. 
      4. Quantum has only sold one ticket. 
      5. Volunteers please arrive at 6:00pm
      6. Lucas will pick up streamers and Go-go lights from Dollarama.   
      7. Nikki F. Will bring a cash box and float.  
  6. Pam Rocker Update – THIS SUNDAY!!! Nov. 17thEVERYONE SHARE THE EVENTS!
    1. Sunday 10am – Sermon at the United Church, potluck lunch to follow
      1. Burnt Toast for the Journey with Pam Rocker

        What does Burnt Toast have to do with a celebration of difference? How do we move beyond what we ever thought we could? Is it worth it to risk being a little uncomfortable? Did Jesus eat gluten? Join Pam Rocker for storytelling and exploring the sacred and unique ways we can see each other.
    2. Sunday 1:30-3pm – Workshop at the Bethel Lutheran (near Duggan Park) 4102 73rd Street
      1. Coming Out In Faith: A Look at Religion, Inclusion, and PIE

        Buzzwords like ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ abound, yet the tangible actions behind them often go unexplored. Religion at large has imposed artificial binaries that have fractured our sense of kinship and belonging, especially for LGBTQ2S+ people and other communities who have been considered antithetical to genuine faith.
        And what about PIE?! The acronym of PIE (Public, Intentional, Explicit) embodies a guiding map and litmus test for people who want to be more tangibly affirming, whether as an individual or organization.
  7. CSL Placements Update
    1. They both will be volunteering at the dance on Saturday – a turn at the door selling tickets and will stay to help clean up at 10pm. Daniella and Kyla
    2. Research projects: – They are in progress
      1. Best Practices for Safe Spaces Allyship Agreements
      2. List of Support Groups – local area for Queer folks within faith groups with traditional homophobia literature 
  8. Upcoming Regular Meetings
    • Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
    • XMAS POTLUCK/ugly sweater – Monday, December 9th, 2019 6:00pm – 8:00pm at Zack’s house. Everyone is invited. 
    • EspressOUT
      • Monday, November 25th, 2019 5:30pm – 7:00pm
      • Location: Camrose Coffee 
      • Theme: Holiday 
      • No EspessOUT in December
    • Friends and Family Meeting
      • Next meeting is December 2nd
      • 1st Monday of every month, Irving Room at the Library, 6pm
    • Beers for Queers
      • December 13th at Fox and Fable
      • Tickets $7 on Eventbrite at the Aqua Facebook Page
  9. Sharing Circle

October 15, 2019

Camrose Pride Community
Date: Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Place: Camrose Public Library Bunker Meeting Room
In attendance: Zach, Lucas, Ron, Amielle, Stephen, Nikki, Dawn, Candy (via telephone), Deborah Ann (Bethel Lutheran), Lindsay (Bethel Lutheran), Kyla (CSL Student), Danielle (CSL Student), 

  1. Introductions
  1. Financial Report / Bank Account
    1. Margaret (CDSS Banker) states nothing has changed since last month’s Financial Report – CDSS is in review and preparing everything for transfer.
    2. We must transfer to operating our own bank account and finances.
    3. Candy motions to give signing authority of new bank account and give signing authority to:
      1. Co-chair: Gus Belcourt
      2. Co-chair: Zach Stevens
      3. Secretary: Lucas Hill
      4. Treasurer: Candy Morningway
      5. Motion seconded by Amielle Christopherson
      6. Motion passes unanimously.
    4. Nikki will make the initial interaction to get it set up, and each of the signing authorities will go to the bank to sign. She will begin with TD Bank because of their pro-queer culture.
    5. These minutes will become the official document that will be signed by all the cosigners and provided to the financial institution.
    6. After the bank account is set up we will transfer all funds from CDSS to our CPC bank account.
  1. Society Status
    1. Update – The cheque sent with our application was cashed, so we know they received it! No other communication has been received as of yet. The email used is the CPC email, so it should not be lost. We are hopeful!
  1. Upcoming Events and Plans
    1. 4th Annual Fall Family Dance Party – Saturday, November 16th, 7:00pm to 10:00pm
      1. Event is booked at Retro
      2. DJ is booked 
        1. Duane Allen
          Allenhouse Wedding & Sound
      3. Poster is complete and ready to be shared:
        1. Nikki will send the poster to Stephen, who works at Staples and will use his discount to print them off.
        2. Nikki will pick-up the posters from Stephen and deliver to CentraCam to distribute around Camrose.
      4. Advertising:
        1. Nikki makes a motion to spend up to $130 for the Morning News advertisement
          1. Amielle seconds the motion
          2. Motion is unanimously passed.
        2. Nikki will contact the Morning News and have them place an add for 5 days
      5. Tickets are at Retro and at Quantum Comics:
        1. There is a limit of 150 people in Retro, so we cannot sell over that. 
        2. Please remind friends and family to purchase early.
        3. We have decided not to use Event Brite.
      6. Decorations:
        1. Lucas will get streamers and glow sticks.
      7. Performers
        1. Robyn Bank$
        2. Sir Racha
      8. Door Prizes
        1. If anybody knows any business or gift certificates, please ask them about potentially getting door prizes.
        2. Lucas will make a Google Sheets, and it will be shared so that we don’t all hit up the same place.
        3. We will not canvas at the grocery stores that supported our BBQ Pride in the Park, because their support is more valuable there. 
      9. Accessibility
        1. The event is wheelchair accessible
  1. Pam Rocker – Sunday, November 17th, 2019
    1. Pam is working with the United Church on the sermon
    2. The Bethel Lutheran has agreed to offer us their space for the afternoon workshop, but does not want to be listed as a sponsor as they are uncomfortable with it due to not being familiar with Pam Rocker’s work yet.
      1. There is a maximum size of 200 people at the Bethel Church.
        1. They said they would also provide cookies! 
      2. Members of the Bethel have pledged funds to cover the majority, if not all, of the afternoon workshop fee.
        1. Deborah Ann will send the names of people who are involved in funds to have Pam at the Bethel Lutheran to Nikki.
      3. The United Church will be spearheading the luncheon at the United Church. 
      4. Nikki has sent Pam Rocker an email asking for details on what the workshop will be about, for advertising – She has asked for our take on the name of the workshop name, and we have decided on:
        1. Coming Out in Faith: A Look at Religion, Faith, and PIE
      5. We will start sharing and promoting the event soon.
        1. Nikki will connect with Zach on creating the poster. Nikki will do the social media aspect of it.
  1. Winter Holidays – Events – Queer Family Ugly Sweater Pot Luck
    1. In their past we have done a potluck in the United Church in the lower parlour/fellowship hall. 
    2. Amielle suggests that we have dinner party potluck at the same time as our December meeting, which is Monday, December 9th. Location: TBD. It will be an ugly Christmas sweater party. 
  1. Pride Week – Last week of February, 2020
    1. Amielle is a member of the AQUA Exec. AQUA has not gotten very far in the planning process quite yet, but is having a meeting this week. 
    2. Melissa has been invited to come talk with us about what they are planning
    3. We hope that we can volunteer our time to help organize and set-up events and the like. 
    4. Nikki is excited about the opportunity of doing an art therapy workshop.
    5. It was nice last year that it was throughout the whole city. We hope to support them in continuing that.
    6. We hope to involve the QSAs at the schools as well, as it would be nice to have all the queer organizations in Camrose working together. Opening night is that week. What would the QSA like to do?
    7. Lucas will get a list of all the QSAs, and we will create a personal invite to see what they would like to do/have done
    8. Please everyone, think about any ways you can participate and help.
  2. AQUA is doing a Reading with Royalty event: Spooking Edition – 18+
    1. Date: October 25th, 8:00pm- 10:00pm at Augustana Performance Building
    2. Performers:
      1. Sir Racha
      2. Robyn Bank$
    3. Zach is adding an educational element as well. 
    4. For grownups and by donations. 
  3. Aqua is doing Beers for Queers in the second Friday of the month, starting November. The first will be Friday, November 8th at the Fox and Fable. The details are still being worked out. 
  4. Nikki would like to do a Queer paint night in the new year
  1. Strategic planning session – Dates are booked with Michael!
    1. Friday, January 31, 2020 5-9pm and Saturday Feb 1st, 2020, 10-4pm; location TBD
    2. This is where we will be planning for the future (5 year, 10 year, 20 year). For the Leadership Team only!
      1. Would be great to talk with the membership – maybe send out a social media invite – to see what vision they have for the Community prior to this meeting
  1. New Poly in the Prairies Facebook Group created under altView.
    1. To avoid splitting/fracturing of the CPC, the connection group was created by altView so that it exists outside of the CPC. Poly queer humans have expressed having a hard time finding each other in the local Camrose and area community, without having to ‘out’ themselves are every event. This FB group gives them a way to do so – please share the group with any Poly humans you know in the area! 
  1. CSL Placements – Welcome!
    1. Research projects:
      1. Nikki will be the supervisor for our two students. Nikki had sent the project ideas to the students.
      2. Best Practices for Safe Spaces Allyship Agreements
      3. List of Support Groups – local area for queer folks within faith groups with traditional homophobic literature 
  1. Fire Ceremony Debrief – Friday night before long weekend.
    1. Attended by 4.
    2. There were drums, fire, and it was very affirming. 
  1. CommUNITY Healing Workshop Debrief
    1. Co-facilitated by Candy and Nikki.
    2. There were 2 officers, staff sergeant, and members of the queer community. The two uniformed officers were called and had to leave early.
    3. There was a validation of homophobia in law enforcement and in our laws. It validated the past and moved to what we wanted in the future.
    4. There was focus on the othering of each groups experiences by other members of the community. There was a focus on both the similarities and differences of those experiences. We focused on what was contributed by both communities. There was a lot of impact. 
    5. Both communities are excited moving forward with what they have learned. 
    6. Nikki will talk to the force about opportunities for Pride Week
  1. Upcoming Regular Meetings
  1. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
    1. Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 6:00pm – 8:00pm at the Camrose Public Library Irving Room
    2. October and November meeting dates have been rescheduled with the Library to work around statutory holidays. 
  1. EspressOUT
    1. Monday, October 28th, 2019 5:30pm – 7:00pm
      1. Location: Camrose Coffee 
      2. Theme: Divination theme! Hallows!
  1. Friends and Family Meeting
    1. They have returned to regular meetings starting October 7th. Next meeting is November 4th
      1. 1st Monday of every month, Irving Room at the Library, 6pm
  1. Sharing Circle
  1. Breaking Bread

August 12, 2019

Camrose Pride CommunityDate:
Monday, August 12th, 2019
Time 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Place: Camrose Public Library Irving Meeting Room
Attendance: Gus B., Nikki F., Lucas H., Stephen, Pastor John Helps (United Church), Brian Nelson (United Church), Zack, Erika, Candy M. (via phone), Robyn G., Amielle C., Ron
Regrets: Margaret H.

  1. Introductions
  2. Guest – Erika – Community Service Learning (CSL) Student for Fall 2009
    1. Student Advisor
      1. Erika works with classes to pair students with community organizations.  Augustana has a course coming up in Human Sexuality and Intimate Relationships taught by Professor Sean Moore, who has been involved with CPC in the past.
      2. Students work for about 20 hours over the semester in whatever way is most beneficial to the organization they’re working with. It is a mututally beneficial relationship, with the student gaining relevant real world experience.
      3. Erika and Dr. Moore are looking for an organization to work with from October to December.
      4. Students can potentially help with events, work on a resource, etc.
    2. Ideas
      1. The student could research best practices in other communities about reaffirming churches
        1. Pastor John Helps suggested a starting point could be the United Church’s Affirming Ministries Program.
        2. He also suggested that many Anglican churches are affirming.
      2. Candy told us there have been student workers with About Time Productions in the past with success.
    3. Supervisor/Contact
      1. Nikki will be the supervisor/contact of the students.
    4. The students are invited to attend meetings.
  3. Guest – Zack Stevens/Robyn Bank$
    1. Fall Bank$ Ball – Saturday, September 7th, 2019
      1. This will be the second annual Fall Bank$ Ball, which is a counterpoint to pair with Augustana’s So You Think You Can Drag in February. There will be some Edmonton drag queens, as well as Camrose’s Sir Racha
      2. Location: Bailey Theatre
      3. Age:14+/Parental Discretion
      4. Sponsorship?
      5. There will be numbered tickets for door prizes and more!
    2. Volunteer Opportunities (free entry!)
      1. Work the front
        1. Ticket sales, etc.
      2. Security
      3. DJ
        1. Tom Merklinger
      4. Decorating – before and after
      5. There are already 6 confirmed volunteers.
    3. Zack will send poster to Nikki to share especially with Erika at Augustana who will both make call outs for volunteers.
  4. BVJ Parade Debrief (TW: Hate Speech)
    1. Hate Signs/Chalk in front of Library during Reading with Royalty
      1. There were two separate posters that stated Bring Rainbows Back to God and God Hates Gays They were held by two protestors who are confirmed as being the same people who protested the Camrose Public Library’s Reading with Royalty and were subsequently banned from the library.
      2. The protestors are from a cult called Superhuman Divinity Ministry. They appear to be the only members. They post extensively to social media, escalating their hate speech.
      3. Pastor John Helps told us the United Church has been receiving monthly packages pushing an anti-gay and anti-Islamic position for over a year now. The United Church would like to take a more public stance against homophobia and hate speech. They have alerted the police about this issue.
    2. Support
      1. Pastor Deborah of Bethel Lutheran sent in her support.
      2. Colleen (Friends and Family) sent in her support from United.
      3. Open Door has also expressed support, stating the cult has been banned from Open Door.
    3. Options
      1. Ignore
        1. We would refrain from sending energy and from giving press.
      2. Responsive Statement
        1. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
        2. We would like to create a message of love, affirmation, and support. This response would also acknowledge and focus on the support of the wider Camrose community in light of recent events. We want to emphasize that we are very thankful for the community support. We would also like to take this as an opportunity to promote ourselves and speak to what we have been doing in the community. We take this seriously, and the safety of our community is of the utmost importance to us. We can use this conflict as an opportunity to educate and reduce risk. We would like to avoid escalation.
        3. PIE: Public. Intentional. Explicit.
      3. Response Venues
        1. Social Media
        2. Booster
        3. Community Event
    4. Nikki will speak to our police liaison, John, about this soon.
    5. The United Church would like to join in on our response. We can ask other community organizations, churches, libraries, and the police. We would also like to contact the Camrose County.
    6. Robyn Bank$ wonders about having increased security for the Fall Banks Ball. The Camrose Police Service have been proactive in the past about supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Nikki will contact our police liaison to ask for extra support during the event.
    7. The United Church has asserted that they could be an affirming space in the presence of next year’s parade as the protestors were located near the church.
  5. Guest – The United Church
    1. Pastor John Helps
      1. The United Church is committed to affirming congregations
    2. Speaker – Pam Rocker (Calgary) – Sunday, November 17th
      1. Fees: $1,000 for the day
        1. ~$300-400 for sermon
        2. ~$300-400 for following workshop
          1. Could/should the workshop has a fee to mitigate costs?
      2. Pam Rocker works with people who have undergone conversion therapy.
      3. Gus will contact Pam Rocker as soon as possible. Nikki will let everyone know once we have confirmation of Pam Rocker and the Fall Family Dance dates.
      4. Ellen from Bethel Lutheran church is hoping to share cost. Gus will contact Bethel Lutheran about donations/sharing cost.
      5. The United Church can host Pam Rocker as a guest pastor. They have expressed that space is often the easiest thing for them to provide to support the community. Their sanctuary holds up to 300 people.
      6. They can potentially rally donations via collection place.
    3. Gus hopes to address which churches are affirming in Camrose
      1. There are a range of churches in Camrose, some more affirming than others. It is a potentially awkward subject.
      2. CSL student(s) could potentially do some research within the community.
      3. Pastor John Helps will inquire with his church if the United Church can give any donations (by have Pam Rocker as a designated guest pastor). John will contact Nikki afterwards. We’re thinking about 300 or 400 dollars. John will let Nikki know at the end of the week.
    4. Publicity
      1. How can we broadcast LGBT affirmations to the wider community as the United Church?
  6. Fall Family Dance – Tentative Date: Saturday, November 16th
    1. Space
      1. Bailey Theatre is completely booked. What are some alternative spaces? In the future, we will aim to book the Bailey Theatre earlier, as it offers lightning, bartending, and more.
      2. Alternative Spaces
        1. Elks Hall has been a venue in the past
        2. Retro is queer friendly and Carmen is vocal about supporting the LGBTQ+ community. There is a stage and a bar. They have discounted rate with a non-profit. Gus will contact Retro about potentially hosting once we have confirmation on Pam Rocker’s date.
        3. United Church
    2. We will pair the Fall Family Dance with Pam Rocker to make a whole weekend of LGBTQ+ affirmation.
  7. Camp fYrefly Resource Fair Debrief
    1. While it was nice to be there, interest waned as most students were from Edmonton.
    2. It would be nice for future CPC promotion tables to have some sort of ‘swag’.
    3. Swag Options
      1. Buttons: CPL says it is about 2 cents a button. We could borrow a button maker from the library or About Time Productions..
      2. Branded swag from places like Vista Print. It would be less expensive to bundle an order with another organization. Robyn will let us know the next time the library orders swag.
    4. Nikki – Art Therapy Workshop – Coming Out Stories/Staying in Stories
      1. It was a success, but promoted more questions: How do allies come out? Can we have stories of people who have shifted from homophobia to places of love?
  8. Reading with Royalty Debrief
    1. Success! There were about 70 kids, which is an increase from last year. Candy brought ATPs whole camp. Some kids said they had the best day of their life.
    2. Melissa (Sir Racha) unfortunately couldn’t make it, but will come next year.
    3. See above about protests.
    4. The library would love to have people write letters of support for Reading with Royalty! Please send them to the library. Emails are acceptable. Please send emails to
  9. Haven Art Therapy Update
    1. There is a pilot group in the works
      1. Alberta Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health (ASPSH) Donation
        1. Tracy Burnett for ASPSH contacted Nikki in June. Donated $2,000 to CMHA in partnership with Haven Art Therapy and CPC for pilot group. Once we have a society we can receive donations of a similar ilk.
        2. The pilot gorup Must be run through Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) framework.
        3. Calgary has a queer centered art therapy group that could be something to model ourselves after. While Nikki can do the therapy part, a community member can be involved as well as support.
      2. Date: There is no date as of yet.
      3. Space: There is no space as of yet.
      4. Age: 16+ intergenerational
      5. Attendance: 10-15 people max
  10. Leadership Positions
    1. Melissa has declined our co-chair offer.
    2. Gus nominates Candy Morningway as new treasurer. Seconded by Amielle.
      1. Candy would like to make the caveat that she is involved with 4 other boards,and would like to maintain a positive work life balance. Margaret has been doing it with CDSS. Margaret will continue being our banker until we have received our status. Candy will contact Margaret about learning her new position.
    3. Gus nominates Zach Stevens as co-chair of CPC. Candy seconds this. Gus will contact Zach Stevens about learning his new position.
  11. Society Status
    1. There is still at least a 7 month backlog.
    2. Nikki had us sign documents for society status. These were also signed by our new co-chair.
    3. After we receive status, there will be an annual return/update required. That is where changes are noted.
    4. It is important to be aware that we are becoming a society, not a charitable organization. We cannot give out charitable receipts, among other restrictions. 
  12. Financial Report
    1. We still have about $3,200.
    2. Nikki will send an email to Margaret about the new treasurer. Margaret will teach Candy about her new position.
    3. Amielle suggest a biannual meeting of planning and budgeting to be a Strategic Planning committee. We need a strategic plan.
    4. Strategic Plan/Annual Calendar
      1. Once we have an Annual Calendar we can do project planning around that.
      2. Michael from Altview will support the creation of a Strategic Plan and will come to Camrose to support that once we have society status. 
  13. Community Event Registration – Thursday, September 5th
    1. Amielle and Lucas will be attending
    2. Lucas will bring trifold, and will update the upcoming events area with the Robyn Bank$ Ball.
    3. Lucas will bring table cloth and get rainbow flags from Gus to decorate table.
    4. Lucas will print email sign up list.
    5. Lucas will print little handouts again.
    6. Amielle and Lucas will be in contact about creating some swag with the CPL’s button maker.
  14. Regular Meetings
    1. ExpressOUT
      1. Monday, August 26th, 2019 – 5:30pm – 7:00pm
      2. Theme: Colouring – Please, bring your own colouring pages/books!
      3. Reminder: ExpressOUT is all ages! Social Gathering of all people that are queer and/or allied. Please let people know.
    2. Regular Meeting for Planning and Connection
      1. Monday, September 9th, 2019 6:00pm – 8:00pm
      2. Where: Camrose Public Library Irving Meeting Room
      3. October and November meeting dates have been rescheduled with the library to work around stats
        1. Tuesdays, October 15th, and Tuesday, November 12th, 2019
    3. Friends and Family Meeting
      1. Monday, October 7th, 2019
      2. Andrea Dyck with the BRSD is very open to working with us to accomplish tasks. Lucas will ensure she is kept in the loop about things that are happening with CPC.
  15. Agend Items for Next Meeting
    1.  Biannual Strategic Planning Meeting
  16. Sharing Circle